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Consumer Issues

Well-informed, engaged consumers can potentially drive improvements both in their own health status and in the health care system. CHCS is working with Medicaid stakeholders to identify best practices to meaningfully engage beneficiaries. The following subtopics link to related CHCS resources:


Designing Accountable Medicaid Programs for Adults with Disabilities

During this CHCS webinar, participants heard from researchers, disability experts and health plans about ways to better understand and address consumer needs.

State Approaches to Consumer Direction in Medicaid

Jessica Greene, University of Oregon

This brief, developed through a national survey of Medicaid agencies, summarizes how states are incorporating consumer directed approaches to help Medicaid recipients use health care dollars more efficiently.

The Consumer Voice in Medicaid Managed Care: State Strategies

John Barth, Center for Health Care Strategies

This brief outlines successful state strategies for engaging consumers and advocates in the planning, implementation, and oversight of managed care programs for people with disabilities.

Health Literacy Fact Sheets

Roopa Mahadevan, Center for Health Care Strategies

This series of fact sheets was created to assist those who are designing materials for individuals with low health literacy. The fact sheets define health literacy and offer strategies for providers and organizations to account for low health literacy.

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