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Quality and Equality

Medicaid serves more than 60 million Americans, including 41% of newborns, one-third of the nation's children, many individuals with chronic illnesses and disabilities, and many frail elders. While poor health care quality is an issue for all Americans, the quality gap is substantially greater for Medicaid beneficiaries, particularly those with chronic health care needs.  States can use Medicaid's purchasing leverage and access to performance and race/ethnicity data to drive quality improvement efforts and help reduce health disparities. CHCS activities are supporting Medicaid stakeholders across the country to improve health care quality and equality in their communities.


Improving Health Care Quality and Equity: Considerations for Building Partnerships Between Provider Practices and Community Organizations

Roopa Mahadevan and Tricia McGinnis

This brief outlines considerations for practices looking to develop partnerships with community organizations.

Collaborating with Medicaid to Improve Health Care: Two Multi-Payer Alliances

This brief examines how and why Medicaid agencies are aligning quality improvement strategies with other payers, and what benefits that alignment is yielding.

Building Bridges Among the National Quality Forum, Medicaid, and Other State Stakeholders

Nikki Highsmith, Alice Lind, and Roopa Mahadevan, CHCS

This report outlines themes culled from interviews with 23 key informants, including state Medicaid officials, insurance commissioners, administrators of public health, and national health policy experts. It contains key recommendations for NQF.

Performance Measurement in Fee-for-Service Medicaid: Emerging Best Practices

Alice Lind, Julia Berenson, and Nikki Highsmith

This report synthesizes best practices from nine states for designing successful performance measurement approaches for Medicaid FFS beneficiaries, particularly those with complex needs.

Reducing Disparities at the Practice Site: Front-line Perspectives

In a series of video interviews, participants in CHCS' Reducing Disparities at the Practice Site initiative share insights into how the program is advancing chronic care delivery in small, primary care practices.

Rochester Regional Quality Improvement Initiative Supports Providers in Diabetes Care

This brief outlines how a cross-payer coalition of health plans, state and county health departments, and other stakeholders in New York's Monroe County are working with physicians to achieve recognition under the Diabetes Physician Recognition Program of the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

Health Literacy Fact Sheets

Roopa Mahadevan, Center for Health Care Strategies

This series of fact sheets was created to assist those who are designing materials for individuals with low health literacy. The fact sheets define health literacy and offer strategies for providers and organizations to account for low health literacy.

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