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Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership

Long-term care insurance is a vehicle through which states can encourage consumers to take responsibility for their own long-term care needs and costs. CHCS is working with states to develop effective strategies to implement Long-Term Care Partnership programs in which consumers, Medicaid, and the private insurance industry all have key roles.

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Connecting the Long-Term Care Partnership and CLASS Act Insurance Programs

This policy brief is designed to help states with existing Long-Term Care Partnership programs to inform consumers and other stakeholders in considering these two different approaches to insure against long-term care risk. The brief compares the two programs in a variety of areas, including program benefits, eligibility, affordability, intersections with Medicaid, and the need for supplementary products.

February 2011 Policy & Issue Briefs

Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership: Considerations for Cost-Effectiveness

This brief reviews considerations for states in how to design and market Partnership programs to achieve cost-effectiveness. It is the third in a series of briefs produced through CHCS' Long-Term Care Partnership Expansion project.

March 2009 Policy & Issue Briefs

Highlights from the 2008 Long-Term Care Partnership Summit

The Long-Term Care Partnership Summit brought together representatives from 18 states involved in the Long-Term Care Partnership Expansion Project to discuss current issues in Partnership program implementation.

August 2008 Meeting Highlights

Medicaid Eligibility Issues for Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Programs

This issue brief outlines Medicaid eligibility rules that states should consider when implementing a Long-Term Care Partnership program. It is the second in a series of briefs produced through CHCS' Long-Term Care Partnership Expansion project.

March 2008 Policy & Issue Briefs

Long-Term Care Partnership: State Considerations for Inflation Protection

This technical assistance brief outlines considerations for states in developing inflation protection requirements for Long-Term Care Partnership programs.

August 2007 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Long-Term Care Partnership Expansion

July 2007 - December 2010

July 2007 Initiative

Long-Term Care Partnership Expansion: A New Opportunity for States

This issue brief reviews the origins and structure of the Partnership for Long-Term Care program, and presents design and implementation issues for states' consideration.
May 2007 Policy & Issue Briefs

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