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No child should enter an emergency room due to an asthma attack. Yet, asthma is one of the most common factors leading to emergency room visits and hospital admissions for children covered by Medicaid. CHCS resources can help states, health plans, and providers develop care management strategies to reduce problems related to asthma and keep children with asthma out of emergency rooms and hospitals.

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Care Management Strategies for High-Risk Pregnancy and High-Risk Asthma

Download resources from this CHCS webinar, which outlined innovative approaches to identify and stratify the risks for children with severe asthma and women with high-risk pregnancies.
March 2007 Webinar Resources

Asthma Education Materials for Patients

Education materials for helping people with asthma identify early warning signs and environmental triggers, effectively use control medications, and recognize when prompt medical help is necessary.
October 2006 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Asthma Education Materials for Providers

These materials can help providers better treat their patients with asthma.
October 2006 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Improving Asthma Care for Children Toolkit: Best Practices in Medicaid Managed Care

This toolkit includes strategies for improving asthma care tested by a diverse group of health plans and states serving Medicaid consumers.

July 2006 Toolkits

Asthma Plan/Practice Change Package

This two-part tool uses the Chronic Care Model to outline provider site interventions and complementary health plan activities to improve asthma care.
April 2006 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Alameda Alliance for Health: Leading a Collaborative Effort Against Asthma

This participant in CHCS' California Asthma Collaborative has realized significant gains in its quality measures for children with asthma as a result of new partnerships with providers, community-based organizations, and Children's Hospital Oakland.

November 2005 Case Studies

The Bronx Improving Asthma Care for Children Project

Affinity Health Plan sought to address the widespread problem of childhood asthma in New York City through a collaborative effort to establish an early detection, early intervention process coupled with state-of-art pediatric asthma treatment methods and community- and home-based family education.
July 2005 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Asthma Plan/Practice Improvement Project

June 2005 - February 2007
June 2005 Initiative

Monroe Plan & ViaHealth Partnership: 2001-2004

This final report outlines the experiences of the Monroe Plan in designing, implementing, and evaluating a sustainable approach to improving asthma care management in Rochester.
June 2005 Reports

Kansas City Children's Asthma Management Program: Asthma Action Plans and Cards

This presentation details Family Health Partners' KC CAMP Asthma Action Plans and Cards.  These action plans and cards were developed as part of a pilot asthma management program to improve asthma care for children.
May 2005 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Measurably Improving Care for Kids with Asthma

Through increased use of appropriate medications, Asthma Action Cards, and personalized action plans, Family Health Partners achieved a 40 percent reduction in asthma-related emergency department visits, a 50 percent reduction in asthma-related hospitalizations, and a decrease in the per member per month cost.

May 2005 Case Studies

Kansas City Children's Asthma Management Program: KC CAMP Family Health Partners

Through an Improving Asthma Care for Children grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Family Health Partners developed KC CAMP, a pilot project to improve care for health plan members with asthma.
April 2005 Resource Papers

Achieving Better Care for Asthma: A BCAP Toolkit

This Toolkit offers practical, realistic approaches that can help you: recognize common barriers faced by Medicaid plans in achieving better care for members with asthma; develop strategies to overcome these barriers; review strategies from other plans; and measure incremental and long-term change.
November 2002 Toolkits

Asthma Care for Children: Financing Issues

The precipitous rise of asthma in the United States, particularly among children, has vast health, quality of life, and economic implications for patients. This Chartbook identifies the population of children with asthma and tracks asthma-related costs in private and publicly financed health care systems.
October 2001 Reports

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