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Multi-Payer Quality Improvement

To improve chronic care across a region or state, it is necessary for key Medicaid stakeholders to align themselves and implement coordinated strategies at the purchaser, health plan, provider, and consumer levels. CHCS regional efforts are helping Medicaid partner with other health care stakeholders, including commercial insurers and large employer purchasers, to create system-wide, sustainable improvements in chronic care delivery.

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Collaborating with Medicaid to Improve Health Care: Two Multi-Payer Alliances

This brief examines how and why Medicaid agencies are aligning quality improvement strategies with other payers, and what benefits that alignment is yielding.
November 2012 Policy & Issue Briefs

Arkansas Charts a Course for HIE and Quality Reporting

Arkansas' Regional Quality Improvement program established a statewide health information exchange and a multi-payer quality measurement reporting strategy to improve chronic care delivery. This case study describes the program's collaborative process and its support for meaningful use of health information technology to position providers for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act incentives. 

August 2010 Case Studies

Medicaid in the U.S. and the Aligning Forces for Quality Communities: A Snapshot

These Medicaid fact sheets highlight opportunities to improve health care quality in the 15 communities participating in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) initiative.

August 2009 Fact Sheets

Rochester Regional Quality Improvement Initiative Supports Providers in Diabetes Care

This brief outlines how a cross-payer coalition of health plans, state and county health departments, and other stakeholders in New York's Monroe County are working with physicians to achieve recognition under the Diabetes Physician Recognition Program of the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

August 2009 Case Studies

Opportunities for Medicaid in the Aligning Forces for Quality Initiative

This webinar discussed how participation in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) can maximize Medicaid's ability to improve health care throughout a state or region. Particpant's also heard perspectives from Minnesota's AF4Q alliance, from the state's Medicaid director, and from a health plan serving Minnesota's Medicaid beneficiaries.

July 2009 Webinar Resources

Rhode Island Pilots Innovative, Cross-Payer Patient-Centered Medical Home Model

Through an innovative cross-payer pilot, Rhode Island is helping physician practices achieve patient-centered medical home recognition from NCQA.  The pilot is testing the power of cross-payer alignment to support a sustainable model for chronic care delivery in primary care settings. 

July 2009 Case Studies

Creating Regional Quality Improvement: An Online Toolkit

This collection of publications and tools is designed to help health care leaders interested in innovative strategies for transforming the quality of chronic care in partnership with Medicaid.

April 2009 Toolkits

Roles for State Purchasers in Driving Cross-Payer Health Care Quality Improvement

This webinar explored public-private collaboratives that are transforming the quality of chronic care.  Representatives from Rhode Island and Arkansas described their state efforts to improve care for all patients, regardless of insurance type.

March 2009 Webinar Resources

Supporting Asthma Quality Improvement at the Practice Site: Lessons from the Field

During this CHCS webinar, three experts -- from a Medicaid health plan, a state purchaser and a regional quality association -- discussed their experiences addressing quality improvement at the practice site.

February 2008 Webinar Resources

Creating Regional, Cross-System Quality Improvement: Early Lessons from Three Multi-Stakeholder Coalitions

This issue brief outlines key steps taken by the Regional Quality Improvement (RQI) initiative sites to establish a platform for improving quality throughout their regional health care systems.
November 2007 Policy & Issue Briefs

Regional Quality Improvement Initiative: Project Logic Models

Organizations participating in the Regional Quality Improvement initiative benefited from developing logic models for their interventions. This process assisted the sites in standardizing key components of their planned activities.

November 2007 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Creating Regional Quality Improvement: Case Studies from Rhode Island and Pennsylvania: A CHCS Webinar

Through this 90-minute web conference, purchasers, payers, and providers from the Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial sectors learned why regional coalitions are powerful change agents and how they can become involved in regional efforts.

October 2007 Webinar Resources

Governance and Sustainability of Regional Quality Improvement Initiatives: Sample Resources from Rhode Island

Rhode Island, one of the Regional Quality Improvement Initiative sites, has developed these two documents that address decision-making authority as well as contingencies for payers, providers, and purchasers to participate the in initiative.

September 2007 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Regional Quality Improvement Initiative

June 2006 - December 2008

June 2006 Initiative

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