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Provider Incentives

State purchasers and Medicaid managed care plans across the country are developing innovative ways to link reimbursement to appropriate processes, quality, and outcomes. CHCS is working with states and health plans to align payment to reward quality and to adapt pay-for-performance approaches to the Medicaid delivery system.

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Provider Incentive Programs: An Opportunity for Medicaid to Improve Quality at the Point of Care

This resource paper highlights provider-incentive approaches for states to consider based on the efforts of three Pay-for-Performance Purchasing Institute participants and two additional states that are seeking to improve alignment around Medicaid provider incentive programs.

March 2009 Resource Papers

Creating Provider-Level Pay-for-Performance Programs in Medicaid

Through this CHCS webinar, states, health plans, and providers learned how Medicaid programs can influence quality at the point of care through provider-level P4P strategies.

July 2008 Webinar Resources

Physician-Level Pay-for-Performance: A Dashboard Report of State Program Design Efforts

This dashboard reflects the program goals, structure and progress of five states that are working with CHCS to design sophisticated provider incentive programs.

April 2008 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Using Pay-for-Performance to Support HIT Efforts in Missouri

Missouri, one of seven states participating in the Center for Health Care Strategies Pay-for-Performance Purchasing Institute, developed an innovative P4P program that encourages providers to adopt a web-based care plan to improve the efficiency and delivery of chronic care.

April 2008 Case Studies

Pay-for-Performance Purchasing Institute: Meeting Two Presentations

This meeting brought participating states together with expert faculty to discuss their progress in developing and implementing physician-levels incentive programs. 

November 2007 Meeting Highlights

Letter from CMS: State Options for Pursuing Physician Level P4P in Medicaid

This letter provides clarification on issues related to payment to managed care organizations, incentives to physicians in risk-based managed care programs, and alternate payment methodologies for Federally Qualified Health Centers.
October 2007 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Physician Pay-for-Performance in Medicaid: A Guide for States

This guide offers actionable steps to help states design and implement physician-level P4P strategies.
March 2007 Reports

Evaluation of the Local Initiative Rewarding Results Collaborative Demonstrations: Final Report

The Local Initiative Rewarding Results Collaborative included seven “local initiative” low-income-focused health plans in California and was part of the national Rewarding Results demonstration program sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the California HealthCare Foundation. This report provides the final results of the evaluation.
October 2006 Reports

Pay-for-Performance Purchasing Institute: Meeting One Presentations

Download faculty presentations from this October 2006 Pay-for-Performance Purchasing Institute, which focused on developing provider-level incentive programs
October 2006 Meeting Highlights

Pay-for-Performance Purchasing Institute

July 2006 - June 2008

July 2006 Initiative

Pay-for-Performance: A Decision Guide for Purchasers

This guide, published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, is intended to be used by public and private purchasers of health care services who are considering sponsorship of a pay-for-performance initiative.
April 2006 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Inland Empire Health Plan: Using Performance Incentives to Improve Preventive and Chronic Care

Inland Empire Health Plan, a nonprofit HMO in California's Riverside and San Bernardino counties, is a veteran among Medicaid health plans in its use of provider incentives.

March 2006 Case Studies

Rewarding Performance in Medicaid Managed Care

This CHCS Brief outlines eight key considerations for designing performance incentive programs in Medicaid managed care based on the experiences of seven California-based health plans that piloted provider incentives.
March 2006 Policy & Issue Briefs

Pay-for-Performance: Innovations from the Medicaid and Commercial Sectors

Download resources from this CHCS webinar, which discussed new strategies for aligning provider incentives with higher quality care based on the experiences of innovative pilot projects in Medicaid and the commercial sector.
February 2006 Webinar Resources

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