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As more Americans live with chronic illnesses, frailties, and disabilities, the nation's health care system should provide appropriate, high quality, and timely care for these individuals. CHCS works with states and health plans to develop comprehensive care management approaches in Medicaid.

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Medicaid Health Homes: Implementation Update

This fact sheet describes how states are using the health homes opportunity including early results from select states.

March 2014 Fact Sheets

Medicaid Health Homes: State Update

This infographic provides an overview of how states are using the health homes opportunity including early results.
March 2014 Infographics

Seizing the Opportunity: Early Medicaid Health Home Lessons

This brief draws from the experiences of early health home adopter states to inform other states looking to develop effective health home programs.
March 2014 Policy & Issue Briefs

Medicaid Health Homes: Overview and Update on National Activity

This presentation provided an update on the national landscape for Medicaid health homes on the California HealthCare Foundation's "California Improvement Network" monthly webinar.
February 2014 Staff Presentations

Faces of Medicaid Data Resources

CHCS developed its Faces of Medicaid series to shed light on the complex needs of Medicaid's most challenging populations. This ongoing series of national analyses provides insights into the prevalence of specific conditions among Medicaid beneficiaries and their patterns of service use.
November 2013 Resource Papers

Extending Lessons from a Medicaid Pilot to Improve Care for Medicare and Dual Eligible Beneficiaries

This spotlight highlights UPMC Community Care, a new program for Medicare beneficiaries with serious mental illness in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The program, which integrates physical and behavioral health care for enrollees, is based on a model of care piloted through CHCS' Rethinking Care Program.
February 2013 Case Studies

New York State Health Homes Learning Collaborative

In partnership with the New York State Department of Health, and with the support of the New York State Health Foundation, CHCS is facilitating a New York State Health Homes Learning Collaborative to identify and share best practice in health home design and implementation.
March 2012 Initiative

Introduction to Medicaid Care Management Best Practices

This brief provides a glimpse of some of the innovative programs being implemented in states across the country that use care management approaches to address the complex physical, behavioral, and psychosocial needs of Medicaid's highest-risk populations.
December 2011 Policy & Issue Briefs

Hospital Readmissions among Medicaid Beneficiaries with Disabilities: Identifying Targets of Opportunity

Preventing unnecessary hospital readmissions among Medicaid beneficiaries offers tremendous potential for states to improve health care quality and control spending. This Faces of Medicaid data brief examines readmission rates among Medicaid beneficiaries with disabilities and identifies new opportunities to reduce recurring hospitalizations.

December 2010 Policy & Issue Briefs

Strategies for Finding and Engaging Medicaid Beneficiaries for Complex Care Management

This October 5, 2010 webinar outlined the strategic approach that Washington State is using to significantly enhance consumer engagement and improve the impact of care management for adults with mental illness and/or chemical dependency, as well as physical health comorbidities.

October 2010 Webinar Resources

Enhanced Medical Home for Medi-Cal's SPD Population

This policy options paper outlines possible approaches to the design of an enhanced medical home model that would provide access to a primary care provider, as well as targeted care management support for high-risk beneficiaries.

September 2009 Resource Papers

Enhanced Primary Care Case Management Programs in Medicaid: Issues and Options for States

This report examines enhanced Primary Care Case Management (PCCM) programs in five states -- Oklahoma, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Arkansas. The paper builds on an in-depth evaluation that Mathematica Policy Research, completed of Oklahoma's SoonerCare Choice enhanced PCCM program.

September 2009 Resource Papers

Effective Care Management: Promising Approaches for Medicaid Beneficiaries with Complex Needs

This webinar outlined the core components of effective care management interventions based on a review of Medicare care coordination pilots as well as other programs nationally. The discussion focused on the key attributes distinguishing successful programs and suggested ways to enhance care management to improve quality and control spending growth.

August 2009 Webinar Resources

Evaluation of Oklahoma SoonerCare Medicaid Managed Care Program

This evaluation, by Mathematica Policy Research, examines Oklahoma's Medicaid program over the last 15 years, with an emphasis on the state's decision in 2003 to end its urban capitated managed care program and expand its rural PCCM program statewide.

January 2009 Reports

Rethinking Care for Medicaid's Highest-Need, Highest-Cost Populations

This initiative is working to design and test better approaches to care for Medicaid's highest-need, highest-cost beneficiaries by linking regional pilots with a national learning network.

April 2008 Initiative

Medicaid Best Buys: Improving Care Management for High-Need, High-Cost Beneficiaries

This brief outlines important steps for states to consider in designing comprehensive programs for this complex need population. It also highlights three states that are pioneering new care management approaches.

March 2008 Policy & Issue Briefs

Purchasing Strategies to Improve Care Management for Complex Populations: A National Scan of State Purchasers

This report outlines how states are identifying high-risk beneficiaries and developing tailored care management approaches to meet their needs. It also details state experiences in testing new financing mechanisms and more robust measurement strategies designed specifically for adults with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

March 2008 Reports

Care Management Definition and Framework

This tool, developed through CHCS' Managed Care for People with Disabilities Purchasing Institute, can help guide state purchasers regarding "must have" care management components to better serve adults with complex and special needs. 

October 2007 Fact Sheets

Evaluation of the Medicaid Value Program: Health Supports for Consumers with Chronic Conditions

This study offers important lessons to improve care for Medicaid’s highest-risk and highest-cost beneficiaries.  The evaluation examined 10 care management approaches implemented within the Medicaid Value Program: Health Supports for Consumers with Chronic Conditions
August 2007 Reports
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