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Performance Measurement and Public Reporting

Medicaid agencies are using increasingly sophisticated methods to monitor the performance of managed care plans and providers. Performance data are being used in a variety of ways to identify improvement opportunities, track ongoing quality metrics, and reward improvements in care processes and, ultimately, in patient outcomes. CHCS is working with states to design and implement more effective measurement and public reporting strategies, particularly for populations with complex needs.

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Building Bridges Among the National Quality Forum, Medicaid, and Other State Stakeholders

This report outlines themes culled from interviews with 23 key informants, including state Medicaid officials, insurance commissioners, administrators of public health, and national health policy experts. It contains key recommendations for NQF.

February 2011 Reports

Performance Measurement in Fee-for-Service Medicaid: Emerging Best Practices

This report synthesizes best practices from nine states for designing successful performance measurement approaches for Medicaid FFS beneficiaries, particularly those with complex needs.

October 2010 Resource Papers

Measurement Strategies for Medicaid Beneficiaries with Complex Needs

This technical assistance brief describes how state purchasers can use the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Prevention Quality Indicators to enhance measurement approaches for aged, blind, and disabled beneficiaries. It also looks at which HEDIS measures may be best suited for evaluating the care of beneficiaries with complex needs. 

September 2009 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Performance Standards for Medi-Cal Managed Care Organizations Serving People with Disabilities and Chronic Conditions

This report provides a set of recommended health plan performance standards and measures that can improve how people with disabilities and chronic conditions receive services through the Medi-Cal managed care program.
November 2008 Reports

Medicaid Best Buys: Performance Measurement for Programs Serving Adults with Disabilities and Chronic Conditions

During this CHCS webinar participants heard about promising performance measurement approaches for Medicaid programs being tested by states and health plans.

July 2008 Webinar Resources

Integrated Care Program: Performance Measures Recommendations

This resource paper outlines a set of recommended performance measures that can be implemented by states and health plans to assure the quality of integrated care for people who are dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare, as well as people with disabilities who receive services solely through Medicaid.
June 2006 Resource Papers

Measuring the Effectiveness of Managed Care for Adults with Disabilities

This report provides recommendations for measuring quality of care and outcomes administered by coordinated care organizations (CCOs) based on evaluations of seven CCO pilot programs in six states.   
December 2005 Reports

Developing Performance and Measures Standards for People with Disabilities and Chronic Conditions in Medi-Cal

May 2005 - July 2008

May 2005 Initiative

Health Indicator System for Rhode Islanders on Medicaid

The Rhode Island Department of Human Services developed and implemented a Health Indicator System to monitor and evaluate health services and outcomes.  This Resource Paper outlines how the state applied this comprehensive performance measurement system to design and evaluate its ongoing program initiatives.
April 2005 Resource Papers

Strategies for Assessing Health Plan Performance on Chronic Diseases

This Resource Paper serves as a guide for Medicaid agencies who want to develop a performance measurement program using administrative data to evaluate the care provided to enrollees with chronic diseases. Maryland's experience selecting performance indicators and applying health-based risk adjustment is detailed.
March 2005 Resource Papers

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