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Medicaid Expansion Population

Under health reform, an estimated 16-20 million Americans will be eligible to enroll in Medicaid. To prepare for this new population, it is critical that Medicaid stakeholders develop a better understanding of these individuals and their care needs. CHCS is working to more clearly understand the needs of the expansion population to help states and health plans in preparing for these new beneficiaries.

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Medicaid Expansion and Jail-Involved Individuals: Opportunities to Promote Coverage, Improve Health, and Reduce Recidivism

This fact sheet provides a demographic profile of former inmates in the United States and details opportunities to enroll this population into health care coverage.
March 2014 Fact Sheets

Medicaid Expansion: Considerations for States Regarding Newly Eligible Jail-Involved Individuals

In an article in Health Affairs' March 2014 issue, CHCS authors, together with experts from Rhode Island, outline strategies for states to meet the needs of this newly eligible population.
March 2014 Journal Articles

Alternative Medicaid Expansion Models: Exploring State Options

This brief outlines key program design features of alternative Medicaid expansion models with a focus on models in Arkansas, Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.
February 2014 Policy & Issue Briefs

Charity Care Organizations as Navigators: Considerations for Guiding Consumers toward the Best Coverage Options

This technical assistance brief and its companion reference guide were developed to aid navigators based in charity care programs in helping consumers obtain and maintain appropriate coverage.
February 2014 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Hospital Presumptive Eligibility: Opportunities to Connect Uninsured Individuals to Coverage

This fact sheet details state and hospital roles and responsibilities in implementing HPE programs. 

February 2014 Fact Sheets

Infographic: Minimizing Coverage Gaps Between Medicaid and the Marketplace

This CHCS infographic outlines the effects of churn and potential state strategies for minimizing gaps in coverage.
February 2014 Infographics

Strategies to Improve Dental Benefits for the Medicaid Expansion Population

This brief summarizes state decisions regarding the inclusion of dental benefits for the Medicaid expansion population.
February 2014 Policy & Issue Briefs

Flexibility in the Affordable Care Act: A Georgia Opportunity

Carolyn Ingram presented this keynote address at the Fourth Annual Health Care Unscrambled: A Look Ahead to the 2014 Legislative Session sponsored by Georgians for a Healthy Future.
January 2014 Staff Presentations

Minimizing Care Gaps for Individuals Churning between the Marketplace and Medicaid: Key Considerations for States

This brief outlines key steps that states can take to reduce the potential gaps in coverage caused by individuals churning in and out of Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act.
January 2014 Policy & Issue Briefs

Alternative Models to Expand Medicaid Presentation

Shannon McMahon, director of coverage and access at CHCS, presented on alternative Medicaid expansion models at the National Conference of State Legislatures 2013 Fiscal Analysts Seminar.
October 2013 Staff Presentations

Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Charity Care Programs

This brief examines the implications of health reform on charity care programs and explores considerations for these programs for the remaining uninsured population.
September 2013 Policy & Issue Briefs

Financial Sustainability of Medicaid and Exchange Integrated Eligibility Systems: State Cost Allocation Methodologies

This brief and companion chart review the cost allocation methodologies for integrating Medicaid and exchange eligibility systems outlined in the Implementation Advance Planning Documents/ Implementation Advance Planning Documents Updates (IAPD/IAPDU) of California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, and Rhode Island.
January 2013 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

To Expand or Not to Expand, That is the (Medicaid) Question

Carolyn Ingram highlighted financial considerations for states in expanding Medicaid as well as a tool developed through the State Health Reform Assistance Network, which helps states determine the financial impact of Medicaid expansion.
December 2012 Staff Presentations

Medicaid State Plan Amendment Requirements of the Affordable Care Act

This chart catalogues Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions that may require amendments, including links to the applicable ACA text, deadlines for approval, and available guidance. States can use this resource to plan sufficient time for development, stakeholder engagement, submission and approval of the applicable amendments to CMS.

August 2012 Policy & Issue Briefs

New Options for States to Improve Health Care for Individuals who are Homeless with Chronic and Complex Health Needs

Brief outlines opportunities for designing Medicaid care management services focused on improving health outcomes and lowering costs by reducing hospitalizations and other crisis services.
June 2012 Press Releases

Medicaid-Financed Services in Supportive Housing for High-Need Homeless Beneficiaries: The Business Case

This brief outlines the rationale for states to consider designing Medicaid-financed, supportive housing-based care management services to improve care for high-need beneficiaries who are homeless.
June 2012 Policy & Issue Briefs

Planning Tool: Essential Health Benefits Comparison to Guide Medicaid Benchmark Decision-Making

States can use this planning tool to compare benefits between the applicable potential Medicaid benchmark plans within the 10 Essential Health Benefit categories.
June 2012 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Small Group Conference on Coverage Transitions and Value Based Purchasing -- April 23-24, 2012 Presentation

On April 23-24, 2012, State Medicaid leaders from across the country gathered in Boston, MA to discussa range of topics from continuity of care during coverage transitions to methods for integrated care and reimbursement.

May 2012 Meeting Highlights

How to Accelerate Progress on Chronic Homelessness: Opportunities from a Medicaid Perspective

This brief outlines opportunities to link intensive Medicaid care management with supportive housing for childless adults with chronic health needs with the goal of reducing the cycle of chronic homelessness.

April 2012 Policy & Issue Briefs
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