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Medicaid Exchange Interface

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all 50 states to create linkages between Medicaid and the new insurance exchanges. CHCS is working with state Medicaid agencies, state insurance representatives, managed care plans, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and other national experts to make recommendations on how to best link Medicaid and the insurance exchanges in three critical areas: (1) ensuring benefit and plan continuity; (2) balancing benefits and state fiscal capacity; and (3) developing the structural interface between Medicaid and the exchanges. Look here for more resources over the next few months.

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Income Dynamics and Coverage Transitions of Health Reform Expansion Populations

This presentation highlights current state and national models for managing coverage transitions between Medicaid and the exchanges, as well as best practices for facilitating these transitions.
November 2012 Staff Presentations

Strategies for Building Seamless Health Systems for Low-Income Populations

This brief explores the challenges for states in creating seamless health coverage for low-income populations. It provides a roadmap for states as they consider options for building seamless health systems.

February 2012 Policy & Issue Briefs

Medicaid Managed Care: How States' Experience Can Inform Exchange Qualified Health Plan Standards

This brief examines Medicaid managed care contracts in six states and identifies opportunities for exchanges to align Qualified Health Plan standards with Medicaid managed care requirements, as well as areas where managed care requirements may need to be modified for the exchanges.

November 2011 Policy & Issue Briefs

Defining Essential Health Benefits – Key State Considerations

Presentation on Essential Health Benefits by CHCS senior vice president Carolyn Ingram at the NASHP Fall 2011 meeting.

October 2011 Staff Presentations

Impact of the Insurance Exchanges on Latino Health Improvements

On September 24, 2011, Carolyn Ingram, CHCS senior vice president, presented at the Latino Legislative Summit on Health on the implications of the exchange structure for Latino populations with complex health needs. 

September 2011 Staff Presentations

Ten Considerations for States in Linking Medicaid and the Health Benefit Exchanges

This brief looks at the opportunities for linkages between public and private coverage, explaining that such linkages should seek to streamline administration across programs and facilitate seamless transitions between programs for individuals.

August 2011 Policy & Issue Briefs

Technical Assistance for State Health Reform Assistance Network

Through the State Health Reform Assistance Network, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is supporting technical assistance to maximize coverage gains made possible by the Affordable Care Act. As part of the State Network, CHCS will be providing intensive technical assistance to 10 states as they work to implement health reform coverage expansions.

May 2011 Initiative

The Intersection of Essential Health Benefits and Medicaid

On March 2, 2011, Carolyn Ingram, CHCS senior vice president, presented at the Institute of Medicine's second meeting of the Committee on the Determination of Essential Health Benefits.

March 2011 Staff Presentations

Coordinating Medicaid Expansion and Exchange Benefits

This meeting brought together a small group of experts to consider the issues around: 1) defining the benefit packages for the Medicaid expansion population; 2) the impact of benefit design on rates, risk adjustment and actuarial soundness; and. 3) how Medicaid benefits should be aligned with other subsidized insurance offerings in the exchange to minimize the impact on enrollees churning between the two programs.

December 2010 Meeting Highlights

Medicaid & Health Reform 101

On December 10, 2010, Carolyn Ingram, CHCS senior vice president, participated in a panel at the Board of Hispanic Caucus Chairs national conference in Miami on the implications of health reform for state governments and their health care systems.  

December 2010 Staff Presentations

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