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Engaging Providers in Building Managed Care Delivery Systems: Tips for States

April 2014 — This brief provides tips to help states engage providers in designing, implementing, and overseeing a managed care delivery system for individuals with complex care …

Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools
Medicaid Health Homes: Implementation Update

March 2014 — This fact sheet describes how states are using the health homes opportunity including early results from select states.

Fact Sheets
Medicaid Health Homes: State Update

March 2014 — This infographic provides an overview of how states are using the health homes opportunity including early results.

Seizing the Opportunity: Early Medicaid Health Home Lessons

March 2014 — This brief draws from the experiences of early health home adopter states to inform other states looking to develop effective health home programs.

Policy & Issue Briefs
Effectively Integrating Care for Dual Eligibles

February 2014 — This presentation provided an update on state efforts to integrate care inside and outside the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' dual demonstrations…

Staff Presentations
Medicaid Health Homes: Overview and Update on National Activity

February 2014 — This presentation provided an update on the national landscape for Medicaid health homes on the California HealthCare Foundation's "California Improvement Network" m…

Staff Presentations
State Approaches to Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health Services for Medicare-Medicaid Beneficiaries: Early Insights

February 2014 — This new CHCS brief describes early efforts in four states -- Arizona, California, Massachusetts, and Wash…

Policy & Issue Briefs
Study Group Report on the Integration of Long Term Care Services into the Global Budgets of Oregon's Coordinated Care Organizations

December 2013 — This report to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services considers the opportunities, barriers, and strategies for integration of long-term care services into…

Faces of Medicaid Data Resources

November 2013 — CHCS developed its Faces of Medicaid series to shed light on the complex needs of Medicaid's most challenging populations. This ongoing series of national analyses p…

Resource Papers
Building State Capacity to Implement Integrated Care Programs for Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees

July 2013 — This technical assistance brief examines key areas where states will need to build their internal capacity as they pursue integrated care programs for Medicare-Medic…

Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools
Developing Provider Networks for Medicaid Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Programs: Considerations for States

July 2013 — This technical assistance brief presents considerations for provider network development, reviews recent guidance, and offers examples of state practices for establi…

Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools
Three State Paths to Improve Medicaid Managed Long-Term Care: Florida, New Jersey, and Virginia

July 2013 — This brief looks at the paths pursued by Florida, New Jersey, and Virginia in implementing MLTSS approaches focused on helping individuals to live in their communiti…

Policy & Issue Briefs
The Collaborative Care Model: An Approach for Integrating Physical and Mental Health Care in Medicaid Health Homes

May 2013 — This brief highlights the collaborative care model as a potential option for implementing integrated care under the Medicaid health homes authority described in Sect…

Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools
Extending Lessons from a Medicaid Pilot to Improve Care for Medicare and Dual Eligible Beneficiaries

February 2013 — This spotlight highlights UPMC Community Care, a new program for Medicare beneficiaries with serious mental illness in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The p…

Case Studies
Innovations in Integration: State Approaches to Improving Care for Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees

February 2013 — This brief explores the innovative design approaches that have been proposed by select states participating in the State Demonstrations to Integrate Care for Dual El…

Policy & Issue Briefs
The Super-Utilizer Summit: Resources to Support Emerging Programs

February 2013 — The summit brought together leaders from more than 10 states, super-utilizer programs across the country, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, several R…

Meeting Highlights
Innovations in Medicare-Medicaid Integration: Updates from Three State Pioneers

January 2013 — This 90-minute webinar included presentations from two states that have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CMS for the Financial Alignment Demonstration: Mass…

Webinar Resources
Quality Measurement in Integrated Care for Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees

January 2013 — This brief summarizes efforts to develop quality of care measures for Medicare-Medicaid enrollees.

Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools
State Trends and Innovations in Medicaid Long-Term Services and Supports

December 2012 — This brief highlights states' continued progress in: 1) rebalancing Medicaid LTSS options toward home- and community-based services; and 2) developing and implementi…

Policy & Issue Briefs
Improving Medicaid High-Risk Care Management Overview: King County Care Partners

November 2012 — This profile tells the story of Darlene, one of the many Medicaid beneficiaries in Washington State who benefited from improved care coordination and integrated serv…

Case Studies
Pages 1 of 6:  Items 1 - 20 of 118

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