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Care at Birth and Beyond: Analysis of High-Volume Medicaid Pediatric and Obstetric Practices

April 2014 — This report presents the findings from an analysis of the characteristics, quality of care, and quality improvement activities of Medicaid pediatric and obstetric pr…

Data Definitions for Psychotropic Medication Oversight and Monitoring

April 2014 — This technical assistance resource shares a set of common definitions and measures for improving psychotropic medication monitoring and oversight among children in f…

Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools
CHCS Presentations at the 27th Annual Children's Mental Health Research and Policy Conference

March 2014 — Kamala Allen and Dayana Simons presented at the 27th Annual Children's Mental Health Research and Policy Conference at the University of South Florida. 

Staff Presentations
Becoming a Medicaid Provider of Family and Youth Peer Support: Considerations for Family Run Organizations

February 2014 — This resource provides guidance to family run organizations that are considering whether to become Medicaid providers of family and youth peer support services, and …

Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools
Developing Health Homes for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance: Considerations and Opportunities

February 2014 — This brief highlights health home opportunities for children with serious emotional disturbance and presents considerations to help states develop models that addres…

Policy & Issue Briefs
Exploring Access and Quality in Medicaid Pediatric and Obstetric Care: A Three-State Analysis: A CHCS Webinar

January 2014 — CHCS staff discussed the findings of a study of Medicaid-contracted pediatric and obstetric practices in fee-for-service or primary care case management delivery sys…

Webinar Resources
Facilitating Cross-System Data Sharing for Psychotropic Medication Oversight and Monitoring

January 2014 — This webinar will explore Oregon and Rhode Island's successful efforts to develop and implement cross-system data-sharing mechanisms for better oversight and monitor…

Webinar Resources
Examining Children's Behavioral Health Service Utilization and Expenditures

December 2013 — This Faces of Medicaid analysis examines behavioral health service use and expense among children in Medicaid to uncover opportunities to improve outcomes for this v…

Psychotropic Medication Quality Improvement Resources: For Providers, Policymakers, and Other Child Health Stakeholders

December 2013 — This series of resources provides stakeholders with tools and guidance for ensuring that children prescribed psychotropic medications receive appropriate assessments…

Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools
Faces of Medicaid Data Resources

November 2013 — CHCS developed its Faces of Medicaid series to shed light on the complex needs of Medicaid's most challenging populations. This ongoing series of national analyses p…

Resource Papers
Trauma-Informed Screening, Assessment, and Treatment for Children and Youth in Child Welfare

November 2013 — This webinar highlighted Connecticut and Texas' efforts to implement trauma-informed approaches to behavioral health care within their child welfare agencies, with a…

Webinar Resources
Family and Youth Peer Support Literature Review

September 2013 — This literature review summarizes much of the existing research on family and youth peer supports for children and youth with significant mental health and/or physic…

Fact Sheets
The Use and Financing of Non-Pharmacologic Evidence-Based Practices: Alternatives to Psychotropic Medications

September 2013 — This webinar explored the interface between evidence-based practice approaches and care coordination using fidelity Wraparound for children with significant behavior…

Webinar Resources
Effective Practices with Youth Involved in the Juvenile Justice System

July 2013 — This 90-minute webinar provided an overview of effective practices that care management entities should consider when working with this population.

Webinar Resources
Quality of Care Measures for the Use of Psychotropic Medication Among Children in Foster Care: A Preview of the Work of the PMQIC Data Workgroup

July 2013 — This webinar describes the process of determining the best measures for the oversight and monitoring of psychotropic medication use among children in foster care, wh…

Webinar Resources
Making Medicaid Work for Children in Child Welfare: Examples from the Field

June 2013 — This report explores strategies in four states to boost the effectiveness of Medicaid programs and improve care for children and families involved with child welfare…

Models of Agency Consent for Psychotropic Medications for Children and Youth in Child Welfare

June 2013 — This webinar offered "how-tos" on agency consent for psychotropic medications for children in foster care, highlighting three state models that rely on medical exper…

Webinar Resources
Utilization Management Considerations for Care Management Entities

June 2013 — This technical assistance brief outlines utilization management activities that CMEs should undertake to ensure access to appropriate services and supports for child…

Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools
Customizing Health Homes for Children with Serious Behavioral Health Challenges

March 2013 — This resource paper provides states with information about the ACA health homes provision, and opportunities to establish and tailor health homes for children with s…

Resource Papers
Medicaid and Children in Foster Care

March 2013 — This brief details the health care needs of children in foster care and the role of Medicaid in providing health coverage for this population.

Policy & Issue Briefs
Pages 1 of 5:  Items 1 - 20 of 97

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