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The Center for Health Care Strategies publishes materials to share policy and operational lessons from our national initiatives. Additional resources can be found by browsing our Issue Areas.

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Potential Risk-Sharing Between States and Coordinated Care Organizations

September 2011 — On September 20, 2011, Carolyn Ingram, CHCS senior vice president, presented to the Oregon Health Policy Board's Global Budget Methodology Workgroup.  …

Staff Presentations
Eight Key Lessons for Managing Care in Medicaid in 2011 and Beyond

May 2011 — This brief outlines eight lessons for effective managed care drawn from CHCS' experiences in working with states over the past 15 years. These lessons are particular…

Policy & Issue Briefs
Highlights from the Third Annual NASMD Boot Camp

June 2010 — This one-day program brought together participants from more than 25 states to discuss opportunities and challenges facing new Medicaid directors and their senior st…

Meeting Highlights
Medicaid Best Buys: Critical Strategies to Focus on High-Need, High-Cost Beneficiaries

April 2010 — This brief outlines promising state approaches to improve care and curb spending for Medicaid's highest-cost patient subsets, including opportunities to: 1) enhance …

Policy & Issue Briefs
Evaluation of Oklahoma SoonerCare Medicaid Managed Care Program

January 2009 — This evaluation, by Mathematica Policy Research, examines Oklahoma's Medicaid program over the last 15 years, with an emphasis on the state's decision in 2003 to end…

Medicaid Best Buys - Integrating Care for Dual Eligibles: Opportunities for States

December 2008 — This webinar explored progress that states have made in integrating care for dual eligible populations via Special Needs Plans (SNPs), the challenges for i…

Webinar Resources
Medicaid: A Future Leader in Effective, High-Quality Care

December 2008 — This open letter calls upon U.S. leaders and health policy decision makers to recognize the foundation that Medicaid can provide for high-quality health ca…

Policy & Issue Briefs
Quality Improvement in Medicaid: Opportunities for States

December 2008 — At a National Conference of State Legislatures health policy gathering on December 10, 2008, Melanie Bella addressed what state Medicaid agencies can do to try …

Staff Presentations
Medicaid Best Buys: Using Predictive Modeling to Pinpoint “High-Opportunity” Medicaid Beneficiaries

August 2008 — This 90-minute webinar addressed how Medicaid stakeholders can apply predictive modeling approaches to identify beneficiaries who are most likely to benefit from car…

Webinar Resources
Medicaid Best Buys: Performance Measurement for Programs Serving Adults with Disabilities and Chronic Conditions: A CHCS Webinar

July 2008 — During this CHCS webinar participants heard about promising performance measurement approaches for Medicaid programs being tested by states and health plan…

Webinar Resources
Medicaid Best Buys: Opportunities to Bend the Cost Trend for High-Need, High-Cost Beneficiaries: A CHCS Webinar

May 2008 — This webinar is part one in a series co-sponsored by CHCS and the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices that identified where Medic…

Webinar Resources
Medicaid Best Buys: Improving Care Management for High-Need, High-Cost Beneficiaries

March 2008 — This brief outlines important steps for states to consider in designing comprehensive programs for this complex need population. It also highlights three states that…

Policy & Issue Briefs
Purchasing Strategies to Improve Care Management for Complex Populations: A National Scan of State Purchasers

March 2008 — This report outlines how states are identifying high-risk beneficiaries and developing tailored care management approaches to meet their needs. It also details state…

Managed Care Models for Long-Term Care Supports and Services: A CHCS Webinar

June 2007 — Download resources from this CHCS webinar which featured state and health plan best practices for managing the long-term care of Medicaid beneficiaries, integrating …

Webinar Resources
Managed Care Models for Aged, Blind, and Disabled Beneficiaries: A CHCS Webinar

May 2007 — Download resources from this CHCS webinar which discussed innovative state and health plan strategies for improving care management for adults with chronic illnesses…

Webinar Resources
Care Management Strategies for High-Risk Pregnancy and High-Risk Asthma: A CHCS Webinar

March 2007 — Download resources from this CHCS webinar, which outlined innovative approaches to identify and stratify the risks for children with severe asthma and women with hig…

Webinar Resources
Resources from the Policy Briefing - Medicaid Best Buys: Promising Reform Strategies for Governors: A CHCS Webinar

February 2007 — Download resources from this CHCS webinar where a panel of national experts discussed the five strategies for both improving the quality of services and curbing the …

Webinar Resources
Five-Part Strategy for Medicaid Reform: Resources for States

December 2006 — CHCS has gathered the following set of resources for states interested in considering the recommendations outlined in Medicaid Best Buys: Promising Reform Strate…

Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools
Medicaid Best Buys: Promising Reform Strategies for Governors

December 2006 — This policy brief outlines five of the most promising opportunities to improve the health of high-risk Medicaid beneficiaries.  States adopting these strategies…

Policy & Issue Briefs
Seeking Higher Value in Medicaid: A National Scan of State Purchasers

November 2006 — This report provides a look at the current Medicaid managed care environment from the perspectives of 14 states. Interviews with Medicaid directors and staff offer i…

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