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Supporting Family Caregivers in the Time of COVID-19: State Strategies

Headlines and data from across the nation confirm the sad reality: older adults and people with chronic conditions or disabilities face disproportionately adverse outcomes if they contract C... more

June 2, 2020
States Need Pragmatic Policy Solutions to Better Support Family Caregivers

Nearly 18 million family members in the United States provide care to older people who need assistance. They are often invisible members of our health care system who receive little preparat... more

November 29, 2018
Early State Efforts to Advance Value in Medicaid Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Programs

State Medicaid programs are beginning to adopt value-based payment (VBP) models to reward value — or high quality, cost-effective care — for the long-term services and supports (LTSS) th... more

June 26, 2018
Advancing Medicaid Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Programs, What’s Next?

More than 13 million Americans use long-term services and supports (LTSS) to assist with activities of daily living they are unable to perform as a result of aging, chronic illness, or disab... more

June 20, 2017
State Conundrum: Addressing Long-Term Care Needs within Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations

A subset of state Medicaid agencies leading the charge in developing accountable care organizations (ACOs) are now encountering a conundrum that they knew was coming: how to align their visi... more

September 13, 2016
Ensuring Stable Housing for Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees with Long-Term Care Needs

The link between housing and health is clear. Stable, supportive housing improves physical and behavioral health, and reduces readmissions and inpatient costs for vulnerable populations. Thi... more

August 30, 2016
Building Health Plan-Provider Relationships to Support Integrated Care for Dually Eligible Individuals

Health plans play key roles in integrating care for people eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. One of the most critical is engaging providers (i.e., physicians, hospitals, nursing facilities... more

May 21, 2015