June 2017 | In the News

At Mountain-Pacific Quality Health (MPQH) in Montana, just one percent of patients account for 22 percent of health care costs, reflecting multiple hospital admissions and emergency department (ED) visits. In response, MPQH’s health care team is identifying high-need patients and going beyond the traditional bounds of medical care to prevent routine ED visits.

PBS Newshour recently featured MPQH’s innovative efforts to connect patients to more consistent, high-quality, cost-effective care, in spite of limited resources and a vastly rural service area. MPQH is a participant in Transforming Complex Care, a national CHCS initiative made possible through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

“It is this cycle of patients going in and out of the hospital, at great cost, with not much benefit, that the group around this table is trying to break. A pilot program funded by the federal government and a foundation began late last year in Kalispell, Billings and Helena. Health care players already in the community now team up in a very deliberate way to identify high-needs patients and to go well beyond the traditional bounds of medical care.” –Jackie Judd, “PBS Newshour”