This Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) webinar, the second in a two-part series, delved into the on-the-ground experiences of two digital health startups and one delivery system serving high-need, high-cost, medically and socially complex low-income individuals. Healthify and Sense Health, which both offer products specifically geared toward this population, shared insights including what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in this market and lessons from their work to date. Montefiore Medical Center, which has been using Sense Health for 10 months, discussed its experiences with introducing technology to this patient population, and provided thoughts on how delivery systems and payers can incorporate digital health into their operations. This webinar, a product of CHCS’ Digital Health Initiative, was made possible through the support of Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit.

View Part 1 of this series, Digital Health and the Underserved: Emerging Opportunities.


I. Introduction

Speakers: Rachel Davis, Senior Program Officer, Center for Health Care Strategies

II. Digital Health Innovations Product Demos

Speakers: Manik Bhat, CEO, Healthify and Stan Berkow, CEO, Sense Health

III. The Partner Perspective

Speaker: Michelle Blackmore, Attending Research and Clinical Psychologist, Montefiore Health Center

IV. Moderated Q&A/Discussion