Funder: Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit

May 2011 |

A majority of Medicaid’s highest-need, highest-cost beneficiaries have multiple physical conditions as well as co-occurring mental illness and/or substance abuse. Yet few, if any, states have been able to implement a fully integrated medical and behavioral health care home that establishes effective linkages between physical and mental health services. Over the last several years, the Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) has worked with leading states participating in the Rethinking Care Program to test innovative approaches for integrating care for beneficiaries with physical and behavioral health comorbidities. This online toolkit compiles resources from the Rethinking Care Program as well as other innovative programs and leading thinkers across the country. Use the links below to explore policy-related materials, hands-on tools, and templates, as well as resources from states.

Introduction: Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health Care in Medicaid: An Online Toolkit