Health care innovators across the country are pioneering new approaches to provide better care at lower cost for people with complex health and social needs. Advancing the field of complex care and dramatically improving care delivery for the nation’s most vulnerable patients, however, cannot be achieved by one organization alone. The recently released Blueprint for Complex Care provides a strategic plan to unite the broad set of individuals and organizations experimenting with innovative care models and outlines opportunities to further advance the field.

During this webinar, Blueprint authors from the National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs, the Center for Health Care Strategies, and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement outlined the goals of the Blueprint, discussed how it was developed, described recommendations for building the complex care field, and shared opportunities to get involved. Two experts in the field also provided ground-level perspectives on the Blueprint’s recommendations.


I. What is the Blueprint? Welcome and Introduction

Speakers: Mark Humowiecki, JD, Senior Director for National Initiatives, National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs; and Susan Mende, MPH, Senior Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

M. Humowiecki welcomed participants, discussed the impetus behind the Blueprint, described the inclusive process that sought input from consumers, providers, executives, and more, and outlined its goals for collectively advancing the field. S. Mende offered perspectives on critical opportunities to support further development of the complex care field.

II. Blueprint Findings: An Assessment of the Current State of Complex Care

Speaker: Rachel Davis, MPA, Associate Director for Program Innovation, Center for Health Care Strategies

R. Davis described the Strong Field Framework — which was used to structure the assessment of the complex care field — and outlined the key findings of the Blueprint, including the relative strengths and weaknesses of the current state of the complex care field.

III. Blueprint Recommendations for Advancing the Field of Complex Care

Speaker: Kedar Mate, MD, Chief Innovation & Education Officer, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

K. Mate outlined the Blueprint’s ambitious set of recommendations to support the continued evolution and coalescence of the complex care field. He also described how members of the complex care community across the country can get involved in field building efforts moving forward.

IV. Reactions from Stakeholder Champions in the Field

Speakers: Dave A. Chokshi, MD, MSc, FACP, Chief Population Health Officer, New York City Health + Hospitals; and Lea Tompsett, Vice President of Programs and Learning, Health Leads

D. Chokshi of New York City Health + Hospitals and L. Tompsett from Health Leads provided their perspectives on the goals of the Blueprint and the opportunity to coalesce the complex care field.