Funder: Community Oriented Correctional Health Services (COCHS)

September 16, 2013 | Webinar

One subset of the Medicaid expansion population that warrants attention from Medicaid policymakers is individuals with criminal justice-involvement — particularly those in local corrections facilities who commonly return to their communities in short order, often with unmet health care needs. In states pursuing Medicaid expansion, new health care coverage options can significantly increase medical and behavioral health access for these individuals. Ensuring access to coverage and treatment offers the potential to avoid unnecessary and costly adverse health care outcomes as well as to reduce recidivism.

This webinar explored the potential health care needs of this subset of the expansion population and addressed opportunities for Medicaid stakeholders to partner with correctional systems to facilitate enrollment in coverage.


I. Introduction

Speakers: Allison Hamblin, Vice President of Strategic Planning, CHCS, and Steve Rosenberg, President, Community Oriented Correctional Health Services (COCHS)

II. Implementation Considerations for the Criminal-Justice Involved Subset of the Expansion Population

Speaker: Christian Heiss, Program Officer, CHCS

III. Perspectives from the Field and Group Discussion

Panelists: Elena Nicolella, Director of Policy and Innovation, Rhode Island Executive Office of Health and Human Services, and Richard Sheola, President, Public Sector Development, ValueOptions