Author: The Commonwealth Fund, The John A. Hartford Foundation, Milbank Memorial Fund, Peterson Center on Healthcare, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and The SCAN Foundation

August 2018 | Interactive Map

The Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) works with innovative programs across the country that are testing new models of care for individuals with complex medical, behavioral health, and social needs. These programs include an array of approaches — coordinated at the state, health plan, or provider level — to address individuals’ health issues, as well as underlying social factors, in order to improve health and cost outcomes.

This interactive map, available on the Better Care Playbook website, includes programs from across the United States that focus on improving the health outcomes and daily lives of individuals with the most complex care needs.

The map is made possible through support from the Six Foundation Collaborative, a group of private foundations — The Commonwealth Fund, The John A. Hartford Foundation, Milbank Memorial Fund, Peterson Center on Healthcare, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and The SCAN Foundation — who are working together to accelerate the adoption of effective care models for high-need, high-cost populations.