post Prioritizing Social Determinants of Health in Medicaid ACO Programs: A Conversation with Two Pioneering States

There is increasing recognition that medical care is only one of several factors affecting health outcomes. In February, a national CHCS webinar, made possible by The Commonwealth Fund, explored early state approaches for using Medicaid accountable care organizations (ACOs) to address social determinants of health (SDOH) as a way to improve health outcomes and contribute… Read more »

May 2018
post Addressing Social Determinants of Health through Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations

Medicaid accountable care organizations (ACOs) are designed to improve health care quality while delivering more efficient care. But, medical care is only one of several factors affecting health outcomes. Social determinants of health (SDOH), such as living environment and access to healthy food, affect health outcomes and, consequently, an ACO’s bottom line. Because most ACOs… Read more »

April 2018
post Reviewing Medicaid ACO Progress in Leading-Edge States

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) have become increasingly prevalent in state Medicaid programs as a mechanism to improve health care quality and control costs. To date, 10 states have launched Medicaid ACOs, 11 more states are developing Medicaid ACO models, and some states are beginning to report compelling results. In January, a national CHCS webinar, made… Read more »

February 2017
post Massachusetts’ Medicaid ACO Makes a Unique Commitment to Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Over the last month, national Medicaid policy experts focused on the election may well have missed MassHealth’s notable new foray into delivery system and payment reform. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ new accountable care organization (ACO) program — a central part of its $52.4 billion Section 1115 waiver — goes well beyond traditional Medicaid ACO models… Read more »

December 2016
post State Conundrum: Addressing Long-Term Care Needs within Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations

A subset of state Medicaid agencies leading the charge in developing accountable care organizations (ACOs) are now encountering a conundrum that they knew was coming: how to align their vision for accountability across all Medicaid-financed services with the realities of the long-term services and supports (LTSS) delivery system. That fragmented system is going through its… Read more »

September 2016
post Vermont’s Next Generation ACO Program Breaks New Ground in Medicaid

In April, Vermont released an RFP for its Next Generation Accountable Care Organization (Vermont Next Gen ACO) program. Under this program, Vermont plans to build on the state’s existing Medicaid ACO model, the Vermont Medicaid Shared Savings Program (VMSSP), which saved $14.6M in its first year and delivered high-quality health care to more than 60,000… Read more »

May 2016
post Mapping Medicaid Accountable Care Organization Progress

For the past several years, a number of states interested in simultaneously improving health outcomes for Medicaid enrollees and reducing Medicaid program costs have turned to accountable care organizations (ACOs). As Medicaid ACOs rapidly evolve, our team at the Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) regularly updates a Medicaid ACO Fact Sheet to report on the latest state… Read more »

March 2016
post Five Emerging Medicaid Accountable Care Organization Priorities

State Medicaid agencies are increasingly looking to accountable care organizations (ACOs) as a way to improve health care quality and reduce costs. As additional states pursue Medicaid ACOs, both existing and newly designed models are becoming more sophisticated by expanding their scope of services, focusing on specific patient populations with complex needs, and weaving ACOs more fully… Read more »

February 2016