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Racial and Ethnic Health Care Disparities

More than half of non-elderly Medicaid beneficiaries are from racial/ethnic minority populations, which experience more barriers to care, a greater incidence of chronic disease, lower quality of care, and higher mortality than others. CHCS is working with states and health plans to leverage opportunities to identify and address health care disparities and improve quality for all populations.

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Health Literacy Fact Sheets

This series of fact sheets was created to assist those who are designing materials for individuals with low health literacy. The fact sheets define health literacy and offer strategies for providers and organizations to account for low health literacy.
October 2013 Fact Sheets

Improving Health Care Quality and Equity: Considerations for Building Partnerships Between Provider Practices and Community Organizations

This brief outlines considerations for practices looking to develop partnerships with community organizations.

May 2013 Policy & Issue Briefs

Key Factors for Improving Care Delivery in Small Primary Care Practices with High Medicaid Volume

This brief presents key findings from an evaluation of the RDPS initiative and takeaways for Medicaid stakeholders. The initiative confirmed that Medicaid agencies must provide the vision and leadership for quality improvement investment in these critical, but often forgotten practices.
March 2013 Policy & Issue Briefs

Advancing Primary Care: Opportunities to Support Care Delivery Redesign in Practices Serving Medicaid and Racially and Ethnically Diverse Patients

This brief highlights results from a CHCS survey that looked at 126 practices in four communities participating in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Aligning Forces initiative.
August 2012 Policy & Issue Briefs

Transforming Small High-Volume Medicaid Practices to Reduce Disparities in Care: Recent Advances and Future Opportunities

Download presentations from this joint meeting of CHCS' Reducing Disparities at the Practice Site initiative and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Aligning Forces for Quality program, where participants reviewed progress, shared experiences, and looked down the road at the future of primary care.

December 2011 Meeting Highlights

Impact of the Insurance Exchanges on Latino Health Improvements

On September 24, 2011, Carolyn Ingram, CHCS senior vice president, presented at the Latino Legislative Summit on Health on the implications of the exchange structure for Latino populations with complex health needs. 

September 2011 Staff Presentations

Practice Supports: Using Care Managers and Quality Improvement Coaches to Transform Medicaid Primary Care

This technical assistance brief outlines how states are using innovative practice supports to help Medicaid primary care practices provide higher-quality, more patient-centered, and cost-effective care.

May 2011 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Care at Birth and Beyond: Analysis of High-Volume Medicaid Obstetric and Pediatric Practices

Through this project, CHCS is working to inform future state efforts in health care system redesign and practice-site interventions to improve health quality and reduce disparities in care for Medicaid/CHIP beneficiaries.

March 2011 Initiative

Health Literacy Implications of the Affordable Care Act

CHCS President Stephen A. Somers and Program Associate Roopa Mahadevan presented the paper Health Literacy Implications of the Affordable Care Act at an Institute of Medicine workshop on November 10, 2010.

November 2010 Reports

Leveraging Medicaid to Encourage HIT Adoption and Strengthen Primary Care

Dianne Hasselman, CHCS director of quality and equality, recently presented "Leveraging Medicaid to Encourage HIT Adoption and Strengthen Primary Care" at the 2010 Medicaid Managed Care Congress.


October 2010 Staff Presentations

The Affordable Care Act: Opportunities for Medicaid to Advance Ambulatory Care Quality

In this CHCS webinar, presenters described provisions of the Affordable Care Act that can be used to strengthen Medicaid's primary care infrastructure. 

October 2010 Webinar Resources

Reducing Disparities at the Practice Site: Front-line Perspectives

In a series of video interviews, participants in CHCS' Reducing Disparities at the Practice Site initiative share insights into how the program is advancing chronic care delivery in small, primary care practices.

September 2010 Video

Models for Improving Medicaid Primary Care: Lessons for Health Reform

This webinar described the evolving model of primary care, as well as practice-based primary care transformation strategies underway in two states.

July 2010 Webinar Resources

Practice Transformation in Medicaid: Five Levers to Strengthen Small, “High-Volume, High-Opportunity” Practices

This technical assistance brief describes how Medicaid can leverage its resources to facilitate and sustain improvements in care and reduce health disparities in small, under-resourced practices with high-volume Medicaid panels.

July 2010 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Supporting “Meaningful Use” of HIT in Small, High-Volume Medicaid Practices

This technical assistance brief describes how Medicaid-led teams in four states are supporting practice improvements among Medicaid-serving providers by helping them to adopt and implement electronic registries.

July 2010 Technical Assistance Briefs & Tools

Improving Chronic Care in Small, “High-Opportunity” Primary Care Practices

This February 24, 2010 webinar presented opportunities for Medicaid agencies and health plans to improve chronic care at small practice sites. Medicaid leaders from Michigan and Pennsylvania discussed their involvement in CHCS' Reducing Disparities at the Practice Site initiative.

February 2010 Webinar Resources

Reducing Disparities at the Practice Site: Highlights of the Second National Meeting

Download presentations from the second national meeting of the Reducing Disparities at the Practice Site initiative where participants from four state teams came together to review progress, share experiences, and plan for the second year of the initiative.

November 2009 Meeting Highlights

The Relationship between Practice Size and Quality of Care in Medicaid

This resource paper presents the findings of CHCS' Practice Size Exploratory Project, which examined the quality of care that Medicaid managed care beneficiaries receive in different practice settings in Arkansas; Michigan; Erie County, and Bronx, New York; and Southwest Pennsylvania.

July 2009 Resource Papers

Improving Treatment of Depression Among Latinos With Diabetes Using Project Dulce and IMPACT

This article published in Diabetes Care explores the feasibility and cost of integrating diabetes and depression care management in three community clinics serving a low-income and predominately Spanish-speaking Latino population.

February 2009 Journal Articles

Reducing Disparities at the Practice Site

October 2008 - December 2011

October 2008 Initiative
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