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How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Highlighting the Importance of Trauma-Informed Care: Q&A with Dr. Edward Machtinger

COVID-19 and the stressors it is placing on individuals’ physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing create a new imperative for health care systems to look to trauma-informed care to sup... more

July 7 2020
The Crucial Role of Home Visiting During COVID-19: Supporting Young Children and Families

Home visiting has long served an essential role in addressing the needs of young children by connecting families to programs, supports, and services. Home visitors — typically nurses, soci... more

June 25 2020
Health Affairs Blog | How States Are Facilitating Medicaid Enrollment During COVID-19 — And How They Can Do Even More

As the number of individuals who find themselves unemployed due to COVID-19 continues to increase, reports have come out documenting that the majority of those filing unemployment claims are... more

June 17 2020
How Destination Home is Partnering with Santa Clara County to Care for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness Amid COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic has strained this country’s health care system in innumerable ways, a critical challenge to emerge for many communities is how to best support the health care n... more

June 10 2020
Supporting Family Caregivers in the Time of COVID-19: State Strategies

Headlines and data from across the nation confirm the sad reality: older adults and people with chronic conditions or disabilities face disproportionately adverse outcomes if they contract C... more

June 2 2020
Health Affairs Blog | Inequities Amplified by COVID-19: Opportunities for Medicaid to Address Health Disparities

COVID-19 has laid bare and will likely exacerbate the glaring inequity faced by communities of color due to a “constellation” of factors. Communities of color have an increased risk of C... more

May 29 2020
Leveraging Prospective Payments to Address Provider Financial Shortfalls: The Role of Managed Care Organizations

Many providers are facing financial shortfalls due to postponed elective surgeries and decreased patient visits during the COVID-19 pandemic. While some aid is available through the CARES Ac... more

May 26 2020
When COVID-19 Gives You Lemons: Pivoting to Virtual Community Engagement

Early in 2020, teams at Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis and the Los Angeles Department of Health Services’ Whole Person Care (WPC-LA) program were prepped to launch new efforts to reach... more

May 19 2020
New Jersey’s ‘Road Back’ Brings an Opportunity to Go Forward on Equity Amid COVID-19

Gov. Murphy’s Road Back identifies six principles to put the state on the road to recovery from COVID-19. This roadmap is vital, as are the Restart Commission and the Restart and Recove... more

May 13 2020
Supports for Managed Care and Provider Networks During the COVID-19 Emergency Response

Federal and state agencies and health care systems are well into the emergency response phase for COVID-19. Many health systems across the nation are working at or above capacity to provide ... more

May 12 2020
Integrating Care for Dually Eligible Individuals Matters Even More in the Face of COVID-19

In early 2020, states and their federal and health plan partners were well-positioned to advance the significant progress in Medicare-Medicaid integration achieved in recent years. COVID-19,... more

May 7 2020
OneCare Vermont’s Response to COVID-19: Supporting Telehealth Ramp-Up via Prospective Payments

As the health care system responds to COVID-19, there is a critical focus on caring for those severely affected by the virus. In the meantime, however, non-emergency patient visits have ... more

May 5 2020
Sustaining a Successful Cross-Agency Partnership: A Q&A with Wyoming’s Department of Health

Increased alignment between health care quality and payment is supporting new ways for Medicaid and public health agencies to enhance care and control health care costs. Cross-agency partner... more

May 4 2020
On My Block: The Impact of Community Resources on Health Outcomes and Medical Spending

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become more apparent than ever that community resources — such as access to food, safe and affordable housing, and green space — are critically importa... more

May 1 2020
Supporting the Health of Individuals Experiencing Homelessness Amid COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic presents a host of significant health, social, and economic challenges for millions of Americans, individuals experiencing homelessness are particularly vulnerabl... more

April 29 2020
Medicaid’s Role in the Next Phase of COVID-19 Response: Part II—Reopening the Health Care Delivery System

Across the country, federal and state policymakers are preparing to gradually reopen the economy while ensuring appropriate measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. This includes plans to r... more

April 28 2020
Medicaid’s Role in the Next Phase of COVID-19 Response: Part I

Across the nation, government, business, and community leaders are devising plans to re-open the economy and public spaces, while minimizing the risks associated with a second wave of infect... more

April 21 2020
Addressing Provider Viability: The Case for Prospective Payments during COVID-19

As the novel coronavirus spreads, Americans are now all too familiar with stories of hospitals on the brink of capacity overload, hoping that they have enough ventilators, personal protectiv... more

April 17 2020
Medicaid Leadership in a Time of COVID-19: Identifying and Developing Emerging Leaders

Right now, Medicaid programs — which provide a pathway to coverage and care for many individuals and families impacted by the pandemic — are “all hands on deck” in addressing the see... more

April 14 2020
Stemming the Risk of Disability Bias During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised a number of ethical dilemmas related to equal access to health care diagnostic and treatment services. In doing so, it is shedding light on many populati... more

April 8 2020