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Pathways for Integrating Social Care into Health Care Delivery: A Conversation with IHI’s Kedar Mate

Health care has largely embraced the realization that it is near impossible to fully address most health issues without first responding to an individual’s social needs such as homelessnes... more

January 7 2020
Convening a Consumer Advisory Board: Key Considerations

Partnering with consumers is a key strategy for health care organizations to better understand and support their patients’ needs. Patients can provide valuable insights into the opportunit... more

December 17 2019
Keeping Abreast of the Changing Tide of Medicaid Policy: A Conversation with MACPAC’s Anne Schwartz

Medicaid, which serves nearly one in four Americans, has a significant impact on the health and well-being of low-income populations across the nation. The program is in a unique position to... more

December 5 2019
Co-Developing Solutions with the Community: The Power of Human-Centered Design

Human-centered design is a concept combining creativity with empathy. To identify creative solutions to a problem, you must first understand the perspective of those experiencing the problem... more

November 7 2019
Using an “Impactability” Lens to Refine Care Management Targeting

Health care stakeholders across the country are challenged to improve care and reduce unnecessary utilization for the nation’s highest-need, highest-cost populations. A variety of approach... more

October 24 2019
Leveraging Community Knowledge through Community-Based Participatory Research

Within health care, there is growing interest in understanding how to more effectively work with communities to identify their health priorities and incorporate consumer voice into program d... more

October 17 2019
CHCS’ Tricia McGinnis on How Medicaid Managed Care Organizations Approach Social Determinants of Health

How and why are social determinants of health programs making their way into the Medicaid managed care realm? To find out, Suzanne Delbanco, executive director at Catalyst for Payment Reform... more

September 24 2019
Engaging Consumers and Communities to Meaningfully Transform Care

Nothing about us, without us. Human-centered design tells us that in order to develop effective patient care models, patients must be at the “drawing board.” Yet, while many health care ... more

September 12 2019
Driving Primary Care Innovation through Medicaid Managed Care: State Approaches

Primary care may finally be getting the attention it deserves. For far too long, the U.S. has spent less than most developed countries on primary care in proportion to other services — bet... more

September 4 2019
Addressing Risky Substance Use in Adolescents: A Conversation with a Pediatrician

While experimentation with drugs and alcohol is often characteristic of the adolescent years, there are many risks associated with this behavior. Not only are adolescents more vulnerable to ... more

August 13 2019
Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences through a Coordinated Statewide Response in New Jersey

States nationwide increasingly recognize the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on their communities, families, businesses, and workplaces. ACEs include all types of abuse, negle... more

July 31 2019
What’s on the Horizon for Medicaid Innovation? A Conversation with CHCS Leadership

Tricia McGinnis, executive vice president and chief program officer (left) and Allison Hamblin, president and CEO (right). Earlier this month, the Center for Health Care Strategies we... more

July 30 2019
Building the Case for Doula Reimbursement in New Jersey Medicaid

While New Jersey has lower infant and maternal mortality rates than most states, there are significant disparities in these rates across the state’s white and black, non-Hispanic residents... more

July 22 2019
Supporting Family Caregivers: Early Lessons from State Innovators

Almost without fail, when someone describes their experience caring for an older parent, spouse, or another relative, others will chime in with their own stories. Family caregiving is an exp... more

July 16 2019
Developing a Bold Vision to Achieve Physical-Behavioral Health Integration in Medi-Cal

In California, like many states, fragmented systems for delivering physical and behavioral health care for Medicaid beneficiaries often lead to access barriers, care disruptions, and a lack ... more

July 2 2019
The Critical Role of Medicaid Leadership

Medicaid has come a long way from its inception over 50 years ago. From a stigma-ridden afterthought at the creation of Medicare to a true bulwark of the American health care system, it is n... more

June 20 2019
A Marriage between Medicaid and Public Health: A Q&A on Partnering for Prevention

Public Health: "Why can't Medicaid pay for our stuff, haven't they seen that it is evidence-based and will save money?" Medicaid: “Why does everyone ask us to pay for their stuff?” ... more

June 18 2019
The Value of Investing in State Medicaid Leaders: A Q&A with Leadership Consultant Ed O’Neil

Medicaid directors are uniquely situated to stimulate innovations in health policy and practice to enhance care, address complex health and social needs, manage costs, and, ultimately, impro... more

June 13 2019
Championing Treatment for Substance Use Disorder in Primary Care: A Q&A with New Jersey Providers

In January 2019, Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey announced new strategies to strengthen the state’s response to the opioid epidemic. The announcement included a robust, statewide office... more

June 6 2019
At the Front Lines in Tennessee: Rural Clinic Offers Trauma-Informed Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

After serving as a Navy corpsman during the Vietnam era, Dan Sumrok, MD, DFASAM, ABAM, ABPM, published an article in the West Virginia Medical Journal on what he perceived as a connection be... more

June 3 2019