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Opportunities to Maximize Delegation within Medicaid Agencies

Medicaid leaders have significant opportunities to impact the health and well-being of millions but must balance a myriad of federal and state priorities related to fiscal stewardship, quali... more

June 21, 2021
Building a Culture of Health Equity from Within: Spotlight on Virginia Medicaid

As health care organizations across the country identify how to improve health outcomes and advance health equity for individuals in their communities, many are also undertaking their own in... more

June 14, 2021
Using Prospective Payment to Support Advanced Primary Care: Opportunities for States

Value-based payment (VBP) — provider payment models that shift from volume-based fee-for-service (FFS) to support value-driven care delivery — is an important strategy for states seeking... more

June 2, 2021
Fostering Health Equity: Perspectives from a Medicaid Medical Director

Across the nation, health care stakeholders are intensifying their focus on addressing inequities in care delivery and reducing racial and ethnic disparities in health care access and outc... more

May 17, 2021
Building Medicaid Leadership for the Future: A Conversation with Arizona’s Medicaid Director

State Medicaid leaders have the task of providing health coverage to millions of individuals, many of whom have complex health and social needs, while simultaneously facing leadership challe... more

April 26, 2021
Leveraging Medicaid to Support Early Childhood and Parental Mental Health Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

As COVID-19 vaccination rates improve and new infections wane, it is important to remember that the social, emotional, and economic impacts on children and families will not suddenly van... more

April 19, 2021
Returning Staff to the Office: Tips for Medicaid Leadership

At the onset of the pandemic, Medicaid programs, like many businesses and organizations, swiftly shifted their staff to remote work. In the early months, Medicaid programs were tasked with s... more

April 7, 2021
State Strategies to Promote Team-Based Primary Care Through Medicaid Managed Care

Supporting team-based care is an important way for states to advance the delivery of high-quality, comprehensive, and equitable primary care. Team-based care improves health outcomes for pat... more

April 1, 2021
Building Medicaid Managed Care Programs Centered on Advanced Primary Care and Health Equity

In many state Medicaid programs, primary care is the keystone that supports other state health care priorities, like value-based care and health equity. Better primary care is associated wit... more

March 18, 2021