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Mobilizing Project ECHO to Build Provider Capacity in Response to COVID-19

As Congress and the Department of Health and Human Services place increasing emphasis on the role of telehealth in the COVID-19 response, the predominant focus has been on provider-to-patien... more

March 30 2020
How Should Medicaid Health Plans Respond to COVID-19?

Portland, Oregon, March 19, 2020. The tri-county region around Portland is thought to be two weeks behind the pandemic course of Seattle, Washington, a major epicenter of early coronavirus... more

March 19 2020
The Exponential Value of Integrating Cross-Agency Data: Lessons from Washington State’s David Mancuso

Many Medicaid programs across the nation are seeking to foster cross-agency alignment to improve outcomes for Medicaid beneficiaries. In particular, integrated data sources from multiple age... more

March 10 2020
Adopting a Wellbeing Approach in Health Care: Benefits and Considerations

As the health care field searches for better ways to provide care that improves outcomes and controls costs, organizations are seeking innovative ways to understand and respond to the full r... more

February 24 2020
From Camden to Memphis: Recent Complex Care Randomized Controlled Trials Present a Call to Action

In early 2020, the field of complex care has seen at least two new robust additions to the evidence base. First, the field was immersed in pondering the implications of the recent New Englan... more

February 20 2020
Supporting the Non-Traditional Health Care Workforce: Community Health Workers and Promotores

Community health workers and promotores (CHW/Ps) have been part of the health care landscape in the United States for decades. Payers and providers increasingly recognize their essential rol... more

February 13 2020
Beyond the Camden Coalition’s Randomized Controlled Trial: Lessons for the Complex Care Field on Addressing Patient Needs

Over the last month, many in the complex care field have been abuzz about the release of the randomized controlled trial (RCT) study for the nationally recognized Camden Core Model. Whil... more

February 4 2020
The Importance of Integrated Care Models that Address Medical, Behavioral, and Social Health Needs

Years ago, when I worked as a certified nurse-midwife in a federally qualified health center in the South Bronx in New York City, I worried: Was I actually helping the women that I cared for... more

January 29 2020
Health Plan Leaders Find Success Working with FQHCs through Value-Based Payment Arrangements

Across the country, health plans and federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) are exploring opportunities to move away from fee-for-service (FFS) payments and toward value-based paymen... more

January 24 2020
Pathways for Integrating Social Care into Health Care Delivery: A Conversation with IHI’s Kedar Mate

Health care has largely embraced the realization that it is near impossible to fully address most health issues without first responding to an individual’s social needs such as homelessnes... more

January 7 2020
Convening a Consumer Advisory Board: Key Considerations

Partnering with consumers is a key strategy for health care organizations to better understand and support their patients’ needs. Patients can provide valuable insights into the opportunit... more

December 17 2019
Keeping Abreast of the Changing Tide of Medicaid Policy: A Conversation with MACPAC’s Anne Schwartz

Medicaid, which serves nearly one in four Americans, has a significant impact on the health and well-being of low-income populations across the nation. The program is in a unique position to... more

December 5 2019
Co-Developing Solutions with the Community: The Power of Human-Centered Design

Human-centered design is a concept combining creativity with empathy. To identify creative solutions to a problem, you must first understand the perspective of those experiencing the problem... more

November 7 2019
Using an “Impactability” Lens to Refine Care Management Targeting

Health care stakeholders across the country are challenged to improve care and reduce unnecessary utilization for the nation’s highest-need, highest-cost populations. A variety of approach... more

October 24 2019
Leveraging Community Knowledge through Community-Based Participatory Research

Within health care, there is growing interest in understanding how to more effectively work with communities to identify their health priorities and incorporate consumer voice into program d... more

October 17 2019
CHCS’ Tricia McGinnis on How Medicaid Managed Care Organizations Approach Social Determinants of Health

How and why are social determinants of health programs making their way into the Medicaid managed care realm? To find out, Suzanne Delbanco, executive director at Catalyst for Payment Reform... more

September 24 2019
Engaging Consumers and Communities to Meaningfully Transform Care

Nothing about us, without us. Human-centered design tells us that in order to develop effective patient care models, patients must be at the “drawing board.” Yet, while many health care ... more

September 12 2019
Driving Primary Care Innovation through Medicaid Managed Care: State Approaches

Primary care may finally be getting the attention it deserves. For far too long, the U.S. has spent less than most developed countries on primary care in proportion to other services — bet... more

September 4 2019
Addressing Risky Substance Use in Adolescents: A Conversation with a Pediatrician

While experimentation with drugs and alcohol is often characteristic of the adolescent years, there are many risks associated with this behavior. Not only are adolescents more vulnerable to ... more

August 13 2019
Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences through a Coordinated Statewide Response in New Jersey

States nationwide increasingly recognize the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on their communities, families, businesses, and workplaces. ACEs include all types of abuse, negle... more

July 31 2019