By championing these values, CHCS is better positioned to confront the root causes of health disparities and make the nation’s health care system work for more people, particularly populations marginalized by systemic inequities.

Inclusion is Our Goal

At CHCS, our goal is a work environment that fosters equality and a genuine sense of belonging for all. We are dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive team that values the perspectives of all individuals regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disabilities. Our staff members’ unique contributions enrich our collective organizational focus, better equipping us to address the multitude of needs of people served by Medicaid.

We recognize that change needs to start from within. Maintaining an organizational culture that values diverse voices and backgrounds requires a sustained and intentional effort. For CHCS, this means making ongoing investments in people, relationships, and teamwork. Since 2019, employee-led equity-focused workgroups have coordinated honest exchanges among our staff where we are able to learn together and better understand how biases and privilege perpetuate inequities. These conversations have spurred action to evaluate and improve our workplace practices to foster a more equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist work environment.

We approach this work with a shared sense of accountability – to each other and to ourselves – and with the resolve to continuously strengthen a culture of humility and mutual respect where all staff feel welcomed, valued, and supported and can achieve their fullest potential.


CHCS is dedicated to developing a diverse workforce that reflects the populations we serve and is committed to advancing equity. Learn more about our career opportunities.

Health Equity is Our Imperative

At CHCS, we are dedicated to improving health care delivery for the millions of people in the U.S. who face serious barriers to well-being, including poverty, systemic inequities, and complex health and social needs. For racially and ethnically diverse communities, we are keenly aware of pervasive inequities in health access, quality, and outcomes resulting from a long history of interpersonal and structural racism both within and beyond the health care sector. We also recognize the need to confront persistent health disparities linked to physical or mental disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, and many other factors.

This awareness drives our focus on achieving more equitable care across our work. Together with committed partners, we promote opportunities to improve access to high-quality care and health outcomes for underserved populations. This includes, for example: supporting states in their efforts to collect data to identify and monitor disparities; working with Medicaid leaders to use policy levers that support more equitable care; promoting community partnership strategies that meaningfully engage communities of color; integrating trauma-informed and person-centered care on a broad scale; and linking health care payments to efforts that reduce and eliminate disparities.

Our work is incremental and deliberate, requiring an unrelenting desire to uncover, address, and ultimately, eliminate health disparities and achieve more equitable care and outcomes for all.

Health Equity-Focused Projects

CHCS is working to address the factors that create barriers to health and identify ways to eliminate deep-rooted health disparities. Learn more about CHCS’ equity-focused initiatives.