At the Center for Health Care Strategies, we partner with those who work in and with Medicaid — including state and federal agencies, managed care plans, providers, community-based organizations, and consumers — to promote innovations in health care delivery where they are needed most. To achieve our mission, our work focuses on:

  • Developing the capacity and expertise of Medicaid and health care leaders;
  • Driving policy improvements with evidence and insights;
  • Identifying and advancing best practices;
  • Providing practical training, technical assistance, and tools; and
  • Spreading success by connecting peers and experts across sectors.

We help our partners improve how care is delivered, integrate fragmented services, reduce health disparities, and ensure that payment is tied to value.

Maximizing Medicaid Opportunities

Medicaid has enormous potential as a national model for effective, efficient, equitable care that leads to better outcomes for more people. CHCS helps state and federal agencies, managed care plans, providers, and community-based organizations design and deliver high-quality, cost-effective health care to millions of enrollees. Specifically, we create opportunities to:

Put good ideas to work. We know that implementation is where even the best-laid policies fall down. That’s why CHCS works with Medicaid and health system partners at every level to develop their capacity for high-quality implementation. We support meaningful engagement of consumers and communities in program design. We provide expert guidance, technical assistance, and facilitation to ensure better care delivery and outcomes for people served by Medicaid.

Share the field’s best practices. Drawing on decades of experience working with partners across the nation, CHCS identifies and spreads innovations in health care policy, financing, and delivery. We make sense of the research, interpret trends, and offer practical steps toward timely, high-impact reforms. We offer knowledge and tools to help our partners make the case for change, develop strategies, and take action.

Connect to peers and experts. CHCS brings Medicaid stakeholders, thought leaders, and our expert staff together to share insights and lessons critical to improving care delivery within communities and states, and across the country.  We facilitate action-oriented, collaborative problem-solving and cross-sector exchange to address the complex challenges that Medicaid faces.