“Implementation is where the best-laid policy falls down.”

Our work focuses on delivering the highest quality care as cost effectively as possible.The best health policy ideas need sound implementation to make them a reality. Since 1995, CHCS has provided targeted technical assistance and training to advance state and federal health care objectives and translate policy into practice.

CHCS plays a neutral convening role, linking federal agencies and state programs to generate solutions for policy and implementation challenges and maximize public investments. Our work takes many forms, but focuses on bringing partners together, and building capacity and consensus to deliver the highest quality care as cost effectively as possible. Our activities fall under the following broad buckets:

  • Collaborative Learning and Technical Assistance – CHCS deploys a variety of collaborative learning techniques to facilitate peer-to-peer exchange and promote emerging best practices. Our technical assistance activities range from virtual learning networks of nearly all 50 states to targeted in-depth assistance. CHCS’ Innovation Labs bring together experts in a given area – e.g., complex care management — to build on their successes, and rapidly identify and spread emerging best practices.
  • Leadership and Capacity Building – CHCS uses its unique “finger on the pulse” of Medicaid trends and innovations to provide tailored leadership and capacity building training for state Medicaid leaders and agency staff as well as national policymakers. Since 2009, Medicaid directors from 35 states plus the district of Columbia have participated in the CHCS-led Medicaid Leadership Institute. Medicaid agency staff from many additional states have benefited from CHCS’ leadership and capacity-building initiatives, including Medicaid Academies.
  • State Technical Assistance  CHCS works directly with states to familiarize them with emerging trends, strategize, and provide practical technical assistance around best practices. For many states, CHCS has served as a neutral facilitator, bringing diverse stakeholder groups together to achieve consensus on policy and implementation issues and advance value-based purchasing goals.
  • Best Practice Synthesis/Dissemination – Underlying all of CHCS’ work is the goal of identifying, developing, and spreading best practices to a broad national audience. CHCS has forged a reputation for its practical, timely, and high-quality technical assistance resources — from in-depth environmental scans to one-page fact sheets — to help advance effective health care policy and improve care delivery at the ground level.