A nonprofit health policy resource center dedicated to advancing access, quality, and cost effectiveness in publicly financed health care.

Since 1995, the Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) has partnered with nearly every state in the country to promote innovations in publicly financed health care, especially for individuals with complex, high-cost needs. Our work brings together state and federal agencies, health plans, providers, and consumer groups to advance models of organizing, financing, and delivering health care services. In so doing, we have developed both a birds-eye view and a ground-level feel for the nation’s publicly financed care delivery system and a unique perspective on how to foster systems-level change.

As a nonpartisan organization, CHCS regularly facilitates problem-solving exchanges and peer learning among a diverse range of health care stakeholders to improve access, integrate fragmented services, reduce avoidable expenditures, and link payment with quality. To accomplish our mission, CHCS’ technical assistance and training activities are organized under three broad priority areas:

  1. Health Care Coverage & Access: Helping states make the most out of coverage opportunities to provide high-quality and cost-effective services for low-income Americans.
  2. Quality, Delivery System & Payment Reform: Supporting states in designing and implementing comprehensive, statewide multi-payer delivery system and payment reforms that reward value as opposed to volume and support improvements in population health.
  3. Integrating Care for People with Complex Needs: Advancing innovations in care for many of the nation’s highest-need, highest-cost populations, including children in foster care, adults eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, and those with complex physical health, behavioral health and social service needs.

Much of CHCS’ work also focuses on leadership and capacity building to ensure that state leaders have the skills, expertise, and tools necessary to achieve Medicaid’s potential as a national model for high-quality, cost-effective care.

At CHCS, we are fortunate to collaborate with creative and mission-driven partners across the country to advance shared goals of better health for individuals and populations. From policy concept through program implementation, our work is designed to help ensure that health reform’s promise of coverage translates to high quality and cost-effective care.