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Transforming the Complex Care Workforce: Emerging Strategies

Programs serving patients with complex medical, behavioral health, and social needs understand that they need to go beyond the medical model and address the social determinants of health. As... more

February 22 2017
Addressing Social Determinants of Oral Health for Low-Income Populations

There is growing evidence that the way people live, learn, work, and play has a significant impact on health, including oral health. These social determinants of health (SDOH) — including ... more

February 21 2017
Reviewing Medicaid ACO Progress in Leading-Edge States

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) have become increasingly prevalent in state Medicaid programs as a mechanism to improve health care quality and control costs. To date, 10 states have l... more

February 16 2017
Accountable Communities for Health: Multi-Sector Community Partnerships in Action

As states test new care delivery models that focus on integrated, patient-centered, and value-driven care, a number of state Medicaid agencies have established multi-sector partnerships focu... more

February 2 2017
Team-Based Care: A Foundation for New York Medicaid Health Home Efforts in 2017

January 2017 marks the fifth anniversary of the launch of the New York Medicaid Health Homes program, one of the first to be implemented across the country. Established by the Affordable Car... more

January 19 2017
DHCS Academy: First-in-the-Nation Experiment is a Big Success Story

Inside Sacramento's historic library building, 30 managers from California's Department of Health Care Services are working in small groups to resolve a thorny issue: how to structure value-... more

January 18 2017
Sustaining Progress in 2017: Providing Health Care for Undocumented Residents

While low-income, undocumented immigrants do not qualify for federal health insurance programs, they may be able to access affordable health services via two key avenues: (1) state-funded co... more

January 13 2017
Partnering to Improve Population Health: Exploring Effective Community-Based Organization and Health Care Models

The U.S. health care system is increasingly embracing the importance of identifying and acting on social determinants of health (SDOH), given their known impact on morbidity and mortality. C... more

January 9 2017
Massachusetts’ Medicaid ACO Makes a Unique Commitment to Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Over the last month, national Medicaid policy experts focused on the election may well have missed MassHealth’s notable new foray into delivery system and payment reform. The Commonwealth ... more

December 19 2016
Driving Toward Behavioral Health Quality and Value: Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers

Across the nation, states are delivering higher quality care, reimbursing providers based on value rather than volume, and testing delivery system and payment reforms aimed at lowering healt... more

December 6 2016
Understanding How Trauma Affects Health and Health Care

A clinic serving mostly Medicaid and uninsured families is struggling to help patients keep their appointments. Its patients, who come from the surrounding community, are often either unempl... more

November 22 2016
A Look at CHCS Medicaid Academies: Featuring Vermont

The Medicaid program remains the largest health insurer in most states and the one most responsible for our citizens with complex clinical and social needs. Unlike the leadership of most lar... more

November 17 2016
Engaging the Community Through Personal Relationships: Collaborating to Address Health Disparities in East Baltimore

Baltimore, like many other major cities, is home to an appalling health disparity: life expectancy differs by more than 20 years between its most affluent and lowest-income neighborhoods. To... more

November 15 2016
Promising Community-Based Medicaid Delivery System Reforms: Innovations from New York DSRIP

Last month, CHCS’ blog explored the broad take-up of Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) opportunities in Medicaid programs across the nation; this latest blog post looks at s... more

November 10 2016
Innovating in Complex Care

Coming into our Complex Care Innovation Lab meeting last month, we knew full well that the Medicaid health care delivery system is transforming itself — sometimes at breakneck speed — in... more

October 31 2016
Celebrating Health Home Successes for New Yorkers with Complex Medical and Social Needs

Supported by enhanced federal financial incentives, Medicaid health homes have rapidly spread across the country, with 19 states and the District of Columbia using this approach to coordinat... more

October 26 2016
Driving Health Care Innovation through DSRIP: State of the States

Through “Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment” (DSRIP) programs, authorized under Medicaid Section 1115 waivers, states can use anticipated savings to test cutting-edge ways to impro... more

October 20 2016
Bringing the Value of Trauma-Informed Care to the Fore: Pioneers in Action

The long-lasting effects of trauma on individuals are often largely invisible to the outside world. But health care providers increasingly recognize that trauma’s hidden scars have all-too... more

October 18 2016
State Conundrum: Addressing Long-Term Care Needs within Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations

A subset of state Medicaid agencies leading the charge in developing accountable care organizations (ACOs) are now encountering a conundrum that they knew was coming: how to align their visi... more

September 13 2016
Ensuring Stable Housing for Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees with Long-Term Care Needs

The link between housing and health is clear. Stable, supportive housing improves physical and behavioral health, and reduces readmissions and inpatient costs for vulnerable populations. Thi... more

August 30 2016