Funder: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

May 2018 |

States play key roles in enabling access to health care coverage and services. However, numerous areas of state oversight and policymaking beyond the traditional health care domain present opportunities to drive improvements in population health. The Center for Health Care Strategies, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, led a national analysis to identify key enablers of successful state-level, cross-sector collaboration to improve population health, beyond health care coverage and access to services.

The following case studies illustrate how five states are using cross-agency partnerships to achieve shared goals focused on advancing better health. The profiled partnerships provide valuable lessons on how empowering local communities, facilitating cross-sector learning and collaboration, supporting data-sharing, and cultivating cross-sector leadership can lead to improvements in population health.

Incorporating Health into Policymaking across Sectors: The California Health in All Policies Initiative Explores the California Health in All Policies initiative, a cross-agency collaboration designed to improve the health of Californians by addressing health, equity, and sustainability in policymaking across sectors.

Linking Housing and Health for Sustainable Cross-Disability Service Delivery: Louisiana Post-Katrina and Rita – Looks at Louisiana’s Permanent Supportive Housing program, which provides permanent, subsidized rental housing as well as support services to ensure that residents succeed in maintaining housing placements and improving health outcomes.

Making a Compact to Strategically Connect Transportation and Public Health Goals in Massachusetts – Features the partnership of MassDOT, Massachusetts transportation agency, and other agencies, including public health, energy and environmental regulators, and public stakeholders tasked with improving health outcomes through a focus on healthy transportation.

Combating Opioid Abuse through a Unified State and Local Response: The Ohio Governor’s Cabinet Opiate Action – Looks at Ohio’s comprehensive, cross-agency efforts to address opioid abuse and prevent overdose deaths through statewide initiatives that include promotion of responsible opioid use and expanding access to treatment, among other initiatives.

Oregon Cross-Agency Collaboration: Making Healthy Connections through Transportation and Education Team – Explores the collaboration between the Oregon Health Authority-Public Health Division, Department of Transportation, and Department of Education to advance the availability of multiple healthy and safe transportation options for residents, including school-aged children.

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