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Tracking State Policies to Improve Maternal Health Outcomes

Medicaid is the health insurer for 45 percent of births in the United States and 66 percent of all births to Black mothers. Given the disparate rates of maternal mortality and morbidity... more

November 20, 2020
Advancing Health, Well-Being, and Equity through Community-State Data-Sharing Partnerships

The importance of addressing social determinants of health (SDOH) and health disparities is gaining increased recognition in the context of the health care delivery system as well as non-tra... more

October 19, 2020
Sustaining a Successful Cross-Agency Partnership: A Q&A with Wyoming’s Department of Health

Increased alignment between health care quality and payment is supporting new ways for Medicaid and public health agencies to enhance care and control health care costs. Cross-agency partner... more

May 4, 2020
Medicaid’s Role in the Next Phase of COVID-19 Response: Part I

Across the nation, government, business, and community leaders are devising plans to re-open the economy and public spaces, while minimizing the risks associated with a second wave of infect... more

April 21, 2020
A Marriage between Medicaid and Public Health: A Q&A on Partnering for Prevention

Public Health: "Why can't Medicaid pay for our stuff, haven't they seen that it is evidence-based and will save money?" Medicaid: “Why does everyone ask us to pay for their stuff?” ... more

June 18, 2019
Five Things to Know About CDC’s 6|18 Initiative

As the US health care system undergoes dynamic change, increased alignment between health care quality and payment is providing new opportunities for the public health and health care se... more

October 11, 2018
6|18 Initiative a Win-Win for Medicaid and Public Health: A Conversation with North Carolina on Tobacco Cessation

CDC’s 6|18 Initiative is bringing together state Medicaid and public health partners to improve health and control health care expenditures for six high-burden, high-cost health conditions... more

July 12, 2018
Health Affairs Blog | Overcoming Challenges To Medicaid Investments In Social Determinants Of Health

Medicaid and other payers are recognizing that health outcomes and costs are driven by factors beyond clinical care. These factors are rooted in the community and include issues such as hous... more

June 14, 2018
Why Adopt CDC’s 6|18 Prevention Strategies in Medicaid?

Georgia incorporated asthma self-management education into Medicaid health plans’ performance improvement projects. Massachusetts holds its Medicaid accountable care organizations respo... more

June 7, 2018