• Core Functionality: Addresses social determinants of health, Care coordination, Screening/ assessment tools, more Appointment adherence/ scheduling, Clinical workflow, Communications/ information sharing, Consumer engagement/ behavior change, Data and analytics, Disease management, Medication adherence, Referral management
  • Target Populations: Adolescents/ children, Family/ caregivers, Frequent emergency department users, Medicaid beneficiaries, Medicare beneficiaries, more People with disabilities, Elderly, Homeless individuals, Limited-English
  • Users: Care team members (e.g., social workers, care managers), Family/ caregivers, Patients/ consumers, Medical providers, Payers (e.g., states, health insurers/MCOs), more Behavioral health providers, Outreach workers, Pharmacists, Other health professionals (e.g., occupational therapists, dietitians, speech pathologists)

Product Description

ACT.md is a digital health company with a mission to help care teams track their work, engage patients and families, simplify communication, and streamline workflows. With tasks, workflows, goals, conversations, and care plans all in one place, care teams can tackle complex health and social needs to keep care moving forward.


  • Patient and family engagement: ACT.md helps care teams achieve patient and family engagement rates of 70-90 percent.
  • Improved outcomes: Families have experienced 16 percent fewer ER visits, 40 percent fewer inpatient visits, and a 29 percent shorter length of stay, and improved quality of life.
  • Care team culture and productivity: 59 percent of ACT.md users say the platform noticeably increases team accountability, and 48 percent of users say ACT.md has significantly reduced email and other forms of external communication.

Select Partnerships

California Whole Person Care, Massachusetts Medicaid LTSS, Boston Medical Center (including Housing Prescriptions as Health Care), Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, North Coast Health Improvement & Information Network, University of Vermont, University of Iowa, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, Massachusetts General Hospital

Company Profile

Company Name: ACT.md | Number of employees: 10-49 | Location: Boston, MA

Updated: July 2018

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