• Core Functionality: Addresses social determinants of health,Care coordination,Referral management,Clinical workflow,Screening/ assessment tools,Data and analytics,Communications/ information sharing,Reporting,Utilization management
  • Target Populations: Elderly,Frequent emergency department users,Medicaid beneficiaries,Medicare beneficiaries,People with disabilities,Homeless individuals,Adolescents/ children,Family/ caregivers,Limited-English,Domestic violence survivors,Immigrants/ migrant workers,LGBTQ individuals,People with behavioral health needs,People with intellectual/ developmental disabilities,People with multiple chronic conditions,People with substance use disorders,Pregnant women,Uninsured individuals,Veterans
  • Users: Payers (e.g., states, health insurers/MCOs),Care team members (e.g., social workers, care managers),Peers and community health workers,Medical providers,Social service providers,Behavioral health providers,Other health professionals (e.g., occupational therapists, dietitians, speech pathologists),Outreach workers,Patients/ consumers,Home health care providers,Intellectual/ developmental disability services providers,Long-term care providers,Senior care/ retirement/ senior day centers,Referral management specialists
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Product Description

Healthify provides access to networks of social service organizations, supported by a collaborative technology platform, and advisory services to help payors and at-risk providers address social deterinants of health (SDOH) at scale.

Each network is comprised of social service organizations that can provide services across a range of SDOH domains and can coordinate bidirectional referrals with network partners. Network partners are vetted on distinct factors — such as capacity, service quality, and organizational readiness — and are contractually-bound by service-level agreements to ensure the delivery of services.

Network partners are connected through the Healthify platform. On the platform, users can identify social needs; find and connect members to over 415,000 validated resources; coordinate bidirectional referrals; and track population health data to understand the impact of interventions on outcomes and costs. The platform supports integrations with EHRs, HIEs, and other care management systems to support business needs.


Healthify is currently working with over 30 enterprise clients and is live in several markets nationwide. Healthify has helped clients reduce total cost of care metrics (e.g., avoidable emergency department cost by up to 30 percent). Healthify has also seen a greater than 70 percent completion rate of referrals in the networks developed and deployed.

Select Partnerships

United Healthcare, Howard County Health Department, Evolent Health, Dignity Health, Hackensack Meridian Health, Passport Health, The Health Collaborative, Coordinated Behavioral Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Tower Health, Blue KC, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, Health Care Service Corporation

Company Profile

Company Name: Healthify | Number of employees: 50-99 | Location: New York, NY

Updated: July 2018

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