• Core Functionality: Appointment adherence/ scheduling,Consumer engagement/ behavior change,Communications/ information sharing,Remote monitoring,Care coordination,Data and analytics,Disease management,Medication adherence,Screening/ assessment tools
  • Target Populations: Immigrants/ migrant workers,Medicaid beneficiaries,Medicare beneficiaries,People with multiple chronic conditions,Pregnant women,Elderly,Family/ caregivers
  • Users: Care team members (e.g., social workers, care managers),Family/ caregivers,Patients/ consumers,Payers (e.g., states, health insurers/MCOs)
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Product Description

Memora Health provides analytics on existing follow-up and automates patient outreach in the form of answering common patient questions, sending reminders and treatment instructions, collecting patient-reported outcomes, and scheduling follow-up visits.

Memora can ingest prior phone call and conversational data to provide analytics on the most common patient questions, most time-consuming queries, and largest gaps in current education that hospitals receive from health systems and insurers. This information is digitized into an automated, SMS-based (text messaging) follow-up workflow. Patients can have a conversation with our AI assistant and ask any range of questions about their treatment regimen, saving staff several hours doing manual follow-up and triaging patients more effectively.


Memora helps organizations standardize their patient follow-up process and generate cost savings by reducing operating expenses and labor burden around care management. Memora has achieved a relative readmissions reduction of 16 percent, consistent patient engagement of 75.8 percent over 30 days, and reduction of 2.5 hours of time per full-time employee per day in transitional care management. In total, this amounts to a reduction in total medical expense of $670 per patient. This has been validated by over 1,000,000 patient interactions from over 25,000 patients at 40 different clinical sites.

Select Partnerships

Brigham & Women’s Hospital, University of Toronto, Grady Memorial Hospital, Partners in Health, Massachusetts General Hospital

Company Profile

Company Name: Memora Health | Number of employees: 10-49 | Location: San Francisco, CA

Updated: July 2018

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