• Core Functionality: Addresses social determinants of health,Screening/ assessment tools,Referral management,Appointment adherence/ scheduling,Care coordination,Clinical workflow,Communications/ information sharing,Consumer engagement/ behavior change,Data and analytics,Disease management
  • Target Populations: Family/ caregivers,Frequent emergency department users,Medicaid beneficiaries,Medicare beneficiaries,Immigrants/ migrant workers,Adolescents/ children,People with disabilities,Domestic violence survivors,Elderly,Homeless individuals,LGBTQ individuals,Pregnant women,Veterans
  • Users: Behavioral health providers,Care team members (e.g., social workers, care managers),Family/ caregivers,Medical providers,Other health professionals (e.g., occupational therapists, dietitians, speech pathologists),Outreach workers,Patients/ consumers,Payers (e.g., states, health insurers/MCOs),Referral management specialists,Social service providers
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Product Description

NowPow is a women-owned and led technology company that provides communities with the information people need to get well, care for others, and manage with disease through its multi-sided self-care referral platform. NowPow’s platform supports participants in the referral process by building and managing community resource networks. With a focus on referrals that address basic needs and chronic disease management, NowPow partners with healthcare providers and community-based organizations to identify these needs, provide highly matched referrals, facilitate closed loop referrals, support bi-directional patient engagement, and document referral outcomes. NowPow is based on the research of founder Dr. Stacy Lindau, who established the idea of “e-prescribing community” to connect health care to self-care. In addition to delivering targeted self-care interventions, NowPow also supports automated interventions that build resource awareness across large populations. Through its community resource network management strategy, NowPow supports ecosystem data aggregation to capture insights at a macro level.


NowPow’s self-care referral platform’s impact and data have been reviewed by a third-party evaluator, RTI International. Results from Dr. Stacy Lindau’s Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation-funded research demonstrated: (1) a significant increase in providers’ ability to meet patients’ unmet social needs; (2) a reduction in Medicare inpatient stays; (3) a reduction in Medicare unplanned readmissions; and (4) a decrease in Medicaid emergency department (ED) visits. A summary of the research project can be found in this Health Affairs article published in November 2016. Informed by the original CommunityRx outcomes, NowPow has created a logic model and return on investment calculator that are available to all customers.

Recent customer results include building large-scale resource awareness across a large health system, short-term reduced ED readmission rates, and decreased patient no-show rates.

Select Partnerships

Advocate Health Care, Rush University Medical Center, Sinai Health System, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Community Care of Brooklyn Performing Provider System (PPS), Montefiore Medical Center, Mount Sinai PPS, New York-Presbyterian PPS, OneCity Health PPS, Yale New Haven Hospital System, Allina Health, Hennepin County Medical Center, UNC Health Alliance, Presbyterian Health Services

Company Profile

Company Name: NowPow | Number of employees: 50-99 | Location: Chicago, IL

Updated: July 2018

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