• Core Functionality: Addresses social determinants of health,Care coordination,Screening/ assessment tools,Appeals and grievances,Utilization management
  • Target Populations: Adolescents/ children,Elderly,Medicaid beneficiaries,Medicare beneficiaries,People with multiple chronic conditions
  • Users: Care team members (e.g., social workers, care managers),Family/ caregivers,Medical providers,Patients/ consumers,Payers (e.g., states, health insurers/MCOs)
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Product Description

Symphony is a cloud-based workflow management system designed to bridge the gap between traditional care management software and population health software. It is a flexible, role-driven workflow tool that supports traditional care management functions, but can also be used by provider networks to track and manage value-based contracts.

Symphony is designed to improve efficiency and provide seamless support and coordination across multi-disciplinary teams regardless of setting. Workflows are designed to keep all care team members working at the top of their license. Symphony supports the full spectrum of care management activities including utilization management, case management, condition management, pharmacy management, as well as appeals and grievances. It also provides a “360 View”, making all data and workflows (e.g., claims, analytics, reports, letters, authorizations, etc.) conveniently available on one platform.


Rapid Deployment: Performance Clinical Systems partnered with one health plan to create a “proof of concept” demonstration customized to the customer’s model of care to present to Virginia as part of the request for proposal process in four weeks. This led to a new care management platform for the state’s managed long-term services and supports program being implemented and deployed in 14 weeks.

Improved Efficiency: Symphony has helped care management increase their number of caseloads. It has also helped streamline screening, appeal and    grievance processes. The streamlining process has reportedly made it easier for companies to onboard and train new users. Symphony’s ability to improve efficiency has helped free up care coordinator workloads, allowing them to spend more time working directly with patients.

Compliance: Symphony has made it easier for health plan customers   to gather documentation for state level audits in order to remain compliant.  For example, staff can demonstrate an effective flow of information, including assessing how care coordination teams deliver care; they know where to find needed information and can easily pull appropriate reports.

Select Partnerships

MCG Health, Alameda Health System (Alameda, CA), Optima Health Plan (Virginia Beach,VA), Alabama Community Care (Huntsville, AL)

Company Profile

Company Name: Performance Clinical Systems | Number of employees: 10-49 | Location: San Francisco, CA

Updated: July 2018

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