• Core Functionality: Referral management, Appointment adherence/ scheduling, Communications/ information sharing, more Addresses social determinants of health, Consumer engagement/ behavior change, Care coordination, Service provider registry, Data and analytics, Reporting
  • Target Populations: Frequent emergency department users, Medicaid beneficiaries, Uninsured individuals, Homeless individuals, People with behavioral health needs, more People with multiple chronic conditions, People with disabilities, People with intellectual/ developmental disabilities, People with substance use disorders, Medicare beneficiaries, Limited-English, Immigrants/ migrant workers
  • Users: Care team members (e.g., social workers, care managers), Medical providers, Behavioral health providers, Referral management specialists, Payers (e.g., states, health insurers/MCOs), more Home health care providers, Long-term care providers, Intellectual/ developmental disability services providers, Social service providers, Other health professionals (e.g., occupational therapists, dietitians, speech pathologists)

Product Description

ER Connect is a cloud-based solution that is designed to streamline information exchange and facilitate direct referrals. Information exchange falls into three types:

  1. Hospital discharges – helping uninsured and Medicaid patients establish continuity of care with a medical home after a hospital stay or emergency department visit;
  2. Specialist referrals – streamlining pre-authorizations for quicker access to services — enabling bi-directional data-sharing for timely, high-quality care; and
  3. Community coordination – connecting vulnerable populations with housing, transportation, food banks, and other social services to address social determinants of health.


ER Connect has been implemented in hospital emergency departments (EDs), inpatient units, and community partners across San Diego, California. Hospitals have found that ER Connect improves throughput, keeps more ED beds open for patients who have emergent needs, and uninsured and Medicaid patients are better able to establish care with a primary care physician. Additionally, ER Connect has been successfully used with behavioral health patients.

Select Partnerships

Family Health Centers of San Diego; Scripps Health, Sharp HealthCare; UC San Diego Health; Planned Parenthood; 2-1-1 San Diego

Company Profile

Company Name: TEKEZE | Number of employees: 1-9 | Location: San Diego, CA

Updated: January 2020