• Core Functionality: Consumer engagement/ behavior change, Disease management, Medication adherence
  • Target Populations: Adolescents/ children, Elderly, Frequent emergency department users, Medicaid beneficiaries, Medicare beneficiaries
  • Users: Care team members (e.g., social workers, care managers), Medical providers, Patients/ consumers, Payers (e.g., states, health insurers/MCOs)

Product Description

Wellth is a smartphone app for patients that motivates care plan compliance through financial incentives. The prevalence of smartphones make Wellth’s technology approach to readmission reduction program cost effective and scalable, while new research in behavioral economics offers strategies to boost these interventions for greater results. Wellth’s intervention allows it to potentially help improve patient outcomes at the lowest cost (e.g., cheaper than homecare, more effective than text-based reminders). The program allows participants to earn up to $30 per month, or lose $2 per day if they are not sticking to their care plan. The app uses an “Adherence as a Service” pricing structure: there is a monthly fee only for users that are 80 percent or more adherent to their care plans. The app works for most care plans: medication adherence (e.g., pills, inhalers, injectables), blood glucose measurement, weight monitoring, blood pressure measurement, etc.


Care plan adherence is the performance indicator that matters most to Wellth and to its customers. Across programs implementing Wellth’s app, the average care plan adherence is 89 percent (compared with a baseline of 50 percent).

Select Partnerships

Mount Sinai, NY-based Managed Medicaid plan, UPenn, and Princeton Healthcare System

Wellth is a winner of CHCS’ Digital Health Challenge. Made possible by Kaiser Permanente Community Health, these competitions encouraged start-ups, entrepreneurs, and other digital health innovators to design tools that meet the needs of low-income individuals with complex needs.

Company Profile

Company Name: Wellth | Number of employees: 1-9 | Location: Brooklyn, NY

Updated: July 2018

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