Public sector agencies are increasingly looking to advance health equity, reduce disparities in health care, and improve health outcomes in the communities they serve. As these efforts grow, there is a mounting number of public sector leaders responsible for overseeing these efforts as part of their formal positions. However, there is no specific national network or leadership development program for this group.

Equity Changemakers Institute, led by CHCS, is a year-long leadership development program to bolster the capacity of public sector leaders who have significant oversight over agency efforts to advance health equity. This professional development program aims to support these leaders in strengthening the skills to drive transformational change and positively impact the health of those who live in their states/territories by:

  • Strengthening participants’ knowledge and skills to enhance inclusive leadership and advance an organization’s internal equity strategy;
  • Increasing knowledge and use of policy levers to promote health equity, reduce disparities in health care, and improve health outcomes;
  • Increasing capacity and resiliency to navigate power structures, organizational cultures, and potential resistance, while building consensus among a range of stakeholders in promoting policies that support more equitable health outcomes; and
  • Building peer relationships and fostering a network of state and territory leaders leading health equity initiatives to better sustain long-term change.

Program Eligibility

Public sector health and human services leaders from all states, commonwealths, and territories charged with leading their agency’s health policy and programmatic efforts to advance health equity, reduce disparities in health care, and improve health outcomes are eligible to apply. This includes leaders from child welfare, long-term care, Medicaid, mental health, substance use treatment, public health, and broader health and human services “super agencies”. Up to 15 public sector leaders will be selected.

How to Apply

To learn more and apply, download the Request for Applications. Applications are due October 18, 2023, 11:59 pm ET.

Optional informational calls will take place on September 28 and October 12, 2023. Details can be found in the Request for Applications.

The Equity Changemakers Institute is part of CHCS’ leadership and capacity building programs, a unique series of professional development programs that support public sector leaders and their management teams in optimizing the performance of publicly financed care.