July 12, 2017 | Newsletter

Summer is here again! And like many of us, this is when you have some time to catch up on the exciting new innovations that are helping to advance high-quality, cost-effective health care.

Here is a list of popular CHCS publications from the past six months that are worth adding to your beach bag:

Recommended Briefs

Moving Toward Value-Based Payment for Medicaid Behavioral Health Services – Describes how states and their Medicaid managed care organizations are incorporating value-based payment arrangements into behavioral health programs.

Measuring Social Determinants of Health among Medicaid Beneficiaries: Early State Lessons – Explores strategies that states are using to capture social determinants of health information for Medicaid beneficiaries.

Using a Cost and Utilization Lens to Evaluate Programs Serving Complex Populations: Benefits and Limitations – Takes a close look at the limitations of relying solely on using cost and utilization to evaluate complex care programs.

Disruptive Innovation in Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation – Outlines the current state of Medicaid non-emergency medical transportation services, its challenges, and opportunities for improvement.

A Framework for Addressing Social Determinants of Oral Health in the Community – Describes a framework for assessing and creating community partnerships to improve social determinants related to oral health.

Integrating Community Health Workers into Complex Care Teams: Key Considerations – Examines effective strategies and best-practices for including community health workers in complex care teams.

Providing Value-Added Services for Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees: Considerations for Integrated Health Plans – Explores how some Medicare-Medicaid integrated health plans are finding added-value in covering services that address the social determinants of health.

Strategies for Encouraging Staff Wellness in Trauma-Informed Organizations – Outlines the impact of chronic work-related stress on clinical and non-clinical staff and features two organizations that prioritize staff wellness.

Recommended Blog Posts

Children’s Behavioral Health Care Use in Medicaid: Data Update – Offers a preview of CHCS’ upcoming analysis of Medicaid claims data for children using behavioral health services.

Reviewing Medicaid ACO Progress in Leading-Edge States – Shares key priorities from three state Medicaid ACO programs that are building on initial successes to further refine their programs.

Accountable Communities for Health: Multi-Sector Community Partnerships in Action – Explores early efforts by states to test Accountable Communities for Health — a new population-based care delivery model that may help close geographic and socioeconomic disparities in health outcomes.

Preventing Early Childhood Adversity Before It Starts: Maximizing Medicaid Opportunities – Discusses the potential role that Medicaid can play in supporting high-risk, low-income families and introduces CHCS’ Medicaid Early Childhood Innovation Lab.