The Clinical Pharmacy Management Initiative grew out of CHCS’ Managed Care Solutions Forum, which convened a diverse group of stakeholders in June 2002 to discuss skyrocketing pharmacy costs within Medicaid budgets. Stakeholders included states, health plans, providers, consumer representatives, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers, and other national experts and policymakers. While the stakeholders held widely varying viewpoints, they agreed that clinical pharmacy management programs offer a critical vehicle for states to contain pharmacy costs and improve quality.

The Clinical Pharmacy Management Initiative technical assistance program helped states develop, implement, and evaluate programs involving pharmacy case management; physician and patient profiling and education; and disease management activities. The program helped states to demonstrate:

  • Improved coordination and communication among caregivers and patients.
  • Improved compliance with evidence-based best practices.
  • Improved information to providers and consumers.
  • Improved disease monitoring and timeliness of interventions.
  • Measurable improvements in outcomes and overall health care costs.