Start: May 2013

Funder: California HealthCare Foundation, The SCAN Foundation, and Blue Shield of California Foundation


The DHCS Academy provides comprehensive training for managers and supervisors in California’s Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). The hands-on, intensive training enhances the agency’s capacity to support DHCS’ core values of integrity, service, accountability, and innovation. These core values are linked to clear professional standards for all DHCS managers and employees. The Center for Health Care Strategies develops and delivers the curriculum for the program, which is administered by Leading Resources Inc.

The DHCS Academy curriculum includes three modules focusing on core aspects of an effective, accountable Medicaid program: (1) Basics of Managing Medicaid; (2) Access to Coverage and Care; and (3) Delivery System Innovation. Each module includes three to five sessions that delve into timely policy issues, both at the national level and using a California-specific lens. The curriculum is designed to build national policy knowledge, improving participants’ capacity to transform DHCS into a more effective organization, capable of meeting its strategic objectives.

Between 30-35 competitively selected DHCS staff members are participating in nine-month cohorts, with up to eight cohorts over four years. Participants in each nine-month cohort have the opportunity to develop new, meaningful relationships across DHCS and work together to continuously improve an agency responsible for the health care of 12 million Californians.

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