Medicaid PurchasingA rigorous purchasing approach can help states better manage the costs of their Medicaid programs while ensuring that beneficiaries have access to quality health care. As such, the National Governors Association developed the Medicaid Health Care Purchasing Compendium (Compendium) to serve as a guide for states when purchasing health care services for their Medicaid programs. This Overview of Emerging State Health Care Purchasing Trends, authored by Tricia McGinnis and Rob Houston at the Center for Health Care Strategies, is a supplement to the Compendium.

The Overview highlights emerging opportunities in health care purchasing poised to influence the Medicaid landscape in the near future. Trends are organized within five categories:

  1. Delivery system and payment reforms;
  2. Proposed Medicaid managed care regulations;
  3. Population-specific reforms;
  4. Data improvements; and
  5. Opportunities for federal investment and support.

To view the full Compendium, visit the National Governors Association website.