The Covering Kids & Families Access Initiative (CKF-AI) focused on one of the thorniest problems currently plaguing the U.S. Medicaid system – namely, that insurance coverage does not automatically translate into meaningful health care access. The fact that millions of Medicaid/SCHIP-eligible children and families remain unenrolled or have difficulty keeping their coverage has been, and ought to be, a primary focus of concern. But important as insurance coverage is, its value is undermined if access barriers block those already enrolled in the Medicaid system from obtaining covered health care services when needed.

This final evaluation report offers a thematic discussion of findings and lessons learned from the CKF-AI program, with individual grantees’ experience used selectively to illustrate key themes. While the bulk of this analysis focuses on results in the field, some implications for program management and grantmaking are also included.  For information on CKF-AI grantee experiences and strategies for identifying access barriers and designing programs to improve access to care for low-income families, see Reducing Barriers to Health Care: Practical Strategies for Local Organizations.