States participating in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 6|18 Initiative are bringing together Medicaid and public health agency partners to adopt evidence-based prevention strategies for Medicaid populations in three high-opportunity areas: asthma, tobacco, and unintended pregnancy prevention.

This webinar, made possible by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, features information about the Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health’s One Key Question Initiative (OKQ). Focused on encouraging all primary care providers to routinely ask women about their reproductive health needs, OKQ seeks to make women and families healthier and ensure that more pregnancies are wanted, planned, and as healthy as possible. The webinar, featuring Michele Stranger Hunter, OKQ’s creator, details OKQ’s history, goals, successes, and challenges. The webinar also addresses topics such as provider training and outreach techniques to support women’s preventive and reproductive health needs.


I. Introductions 

II. Description of the One Key Question Initiative

Speaker: Michele Stranger Hunter, Executive Director, Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health

Michele Stranger Hunter described OKQ and provided an overview of its goals, history, and results to date.

III. Engaging Stakeholders in One Key Question Initiative

Speaker: Michele Stranger Hunter

Ms. Hunter highlighted how states, providers, and other interested stakeholders can become involved in OKQ.