Interdisciplinary care teams (ICTs) are an important component of integrated care programs for Medicare-Medicaid enrollees and typically consist of the enrollee, providers, other support professionals, and family members/caregivers. These ICTs work collaboratively to develop and implement care plans to meet individuals’ medical, behavioral, long-term care, and social service needs. States developing or refining ICT requirements for integrated care programs may want to consider how prescriptive ICT requirements should be, how ICTs can better engage providers and hard-to-reach individuals, and how to measure ICT performance.

This brief, developed through support from The Commonwealth Fund and The SCAN Foundation, describes key ICT considerations and explores how eight states – Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington – addressed these issues. The strategies employed by these states can inform other states’ efforts in designing and refining care management approaches for integrated care programs.