This brief from the Integrated Care Resource Center (ICRC) describes low-cost, low-administrative burden approaches, including engaging stakeholders; training and education of providers; exchanging information among different types of providers; and enhancing existing Medicaid-only managed care programs that serve beneficiaries with complex needs.

Successful implementation of the strategies described in this brief will help states build support for and remove barriers to integration. This will better position states to implement the larger-scale changes that will be needed to fully integrate the care of Medicare-Medicaid enrollees.

This technical assistance brief is a product of the Integrated Care Resource Center made possible by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The Integrated Care Resource Center is a national initiative to help states improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of care for Medicaid’s high-need, high-cost beneficiaries. The state technical assistance activities provided within the Integrated Care Resource Center are coordinated by Mathematica Policy Research and the Center for Health Care Strategies.