The following resources are part of CHCS’ Faces of Medicaid analysis, Clarifying Multimorbidity to Improve Targeting and Delivery of Clinical Services for Medicaid Populations, which was undertaken by CHCS and its partners at Johns Hopkins University to examine multimorbidity patterns among adult Medicaid beneficiaries with disabilities and the implications of specific patterns on hospitalization and cost.

Medicaid stakeholders can use these summary documents for guidance in designing clinical strategies that target high-priority multimorbidity patterns. Summary documents for 13 high-priority chronic conditions, include:

  • Summary tables detailing the five most costly patterns for each condition;
  • Data tables for the 16 most common multimorbidity patterns identified for each condition, including prevalence, utilization, and expenditure data for each; and
  • Clinical opportunities tables that catalog promising clinical models for specific patterns of multimorbidity.