Funder: The Commonwealth Fund

August 2019 | Profile Series

Increasingly, states are seeking more advanced primary care models that better addresses the diverse health-related needs of patients, including behavioral health and social needs. These profiles are part of a series that explore how five states — Hawaii, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Washington State — are using their managed care purchasing authority to advance primary care models. The states were participants in Advancing Primary Care Innovation in Medicaid Managed Care, a national learning collaborative made possible by The Commonwealth Fund and led by the Center for Health Care Strategies.

A companion toolkit, Advancing Primary Care Innovation in Medicaid Managed Care: A Toolkit for States, is also available that summarizes strategies for advancing primary care innovation — including design considerations, and sample contract and procurement language, with a focus on four key delivery areas: (1) addressing social needs; (2) integrating behavioral health into primary care; (3) enhancing team- based primary care approaches; and (4) using technology to improve access to care.