Across the country, states and other health care purchasers are considering health and medical home programs as a way to deliver more integrated, patient-centered, and cost-effective care for Medicaid beneficiaries. Particularly now, states can take advantage of support available through the Affordable Care Act to develop these emerging care models.

The Return on Investment Forecasting Calculator for Health Homes and Medical Homes is a web-based tool created to help Medicaid stakeholders identify the cost-savings potential of these new care delivery models. The easy-to-use tool walks users through a step-by-step process to develop ROI forecasts for health or medical home strategies.

Users enter detailed assumptions about their proposed health home or medical home initiative, including target population characteristics, program costs, and expected changes in health care utilization, to estimate potential savings. By demonstrating the financial impacts of investments in health and medical homes beyond their upfront costs, the ROI Forecasting Calculator can also be used to create a financial case to policymakers to support these new models.

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