Access to timely, clinical information is key to identifying care needs, anticipating future health risks, avoiding negative outcomes, and integrating providers and services. Effective care coordination requires that relevant information is made available to all members of a care team as needed, including consumers. This information may include basic data on diagnoses, lab results, service use including hospital admissions and emergency room visits, prescription medications and provider contact information. Following are resources to help guide information-sharing strategies to support integration.

  • Guidance on Health Care Information Sharing This tool was developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) for plans and providers participating in the DPW Innovations pilot to guide patient information sharing among physical and behavioral health plans and providers as it relates to federal and state laws and regulations (HIPAA, Mental Health Procedures Act, HIV, Drug and Alcohol).
  • Integrated Care Plan Template – Connected Care Pilot This web-based integrated care plan, developed for the Southwestern Pennsylvania Rethinking Care Program pilot, pulls in patient data from the participating physical and behavioral health plans. Care managers can access and update information as necessary via an online interface.
  • Member Profile – HealthChoices Health Connections Pilot This member profile, developed for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Rethinking Care Program pilot, represents a unique marriage of data between two independent physical health and behavioral health managed care organizations. The profile includes a variety of information to help guide integration across physical and behavioral health providers, including patient demographics; provider contact information; diagnoses; claims information, including hospitalizations, emergency department visits and pharmacy data; and gaps in care. The profile is shared between plans and with named providers only after consent is given by the consumer.

Examples of State Behavioral/Physical Health Coordination Consent Forms

Following are examples of consent forms to permit the sharing of physical and behavioral health information across providers.