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Building the Case for Doula Reimbursement in New Jersey Medicaid

While New Jersey has lower infant and maternal mortality rates than most states, there are significant disparities in these rates across the state’s white and black, non-Hispanic residents... more

July 22, 2019
The Critical Role of Medicaid Leadership

Medicaid has come a long way from its inception over 50 years ago. From a stigma-ridden afterthought at the creation of Medicare to a true bulwark of the American health care system, it is n... more

June 20, 2019
The Value of Investing in State Medicaid Leaders: A Q&A with Leadership Consultant Ed O’Neil

Medicaid directors are uniquely situated to stimulate innovations in health policy and practice to enhance care, address complex health and social needs, manage costs, and, ultimately, impro... more

June 13, 2019
Medicaid Leadership Exchange: A Candid Dialogue on What Works — and What Doesn’t — in Leading Today’s State Programs

Medicaid directors in states across the country navigate an increasingly complex world, one in which they balance the needs of internal staff, external stakeholders, a dynamic federal pa... more

May 23, 2019
Incorporating Consumer Voices into Program Development: Q&A with Washington’s Medicaid Director MaryAnne Lindeblad

Medicaid programs are increasingly interested in fostering cross-sector alignment as a means to provide quality and cost-effective health care services. At the center of these efforts are th... more

April 29, 2019
Using Medicaid Levers to Improve Health Outcomes and Reduce Disparities: A Q&A with Louisiana’s Medicaid Director Jen Steele

Since Louisiana expanded Medicaid in 2016, an additional 502,647 newly eligible adults enrolled in the state’s health care program for low-income residents. In Louisiana, a state that has ... more

March 13, 2019
Connecting Physical and Oral Health Care in Louisiana

Primary care professionals are generally the first point of contact in the health care system and are often underutilized as a source of basic oral health services to their patients. Fluorid... more

December 18, 2018
Reducing Dental Opioid Prescribing in Oregon: A Conversation with Oral Health Leaders

With the United States in the grip of an opioid epidemic, public health care leaders are seeking innovative solutions to address the crisis. Educating dental providers is one way that states... more

December 5, 2018
Combatting Opioid Misuse in Tennessee and West Virginia: A Conversation with Two State Medicaid Directors

The opioid epidemic is a national public health crisis, with more than 115 Americans dying daily from opioid-related overdoses. As the country’s largest health insurer, Medicaid is uniquel... more

June 19, 2018